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I bought all of the MGMAT self-study books, although I only had enough time and energy to get through quant (my main problem area). There is A LOT of information to get through, so prioritize your weaknesses or commit to a LONG study period.

I suggest you combine these with the official question book and an overall GMAT strategy guidebook. I used GMAT Clarity, although I wasn't entirely impressed with it.

Read the MGMAT books to get a refresher on the math concepts, use the official question book to test (and re-test) your knowledge, and use the strategy guidebook to help you break down and organize the questions by concept.

The practice tests are harder than the actual GMAT, which is beneficial in my mind.

The true strength(s) of the self-study course are the strategies for educated guessing. Seriously, they are invaluable and they just might save you.

I can't imagine scoring a 740 on my first try without Manhattan. Highly recommended.

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