January 30, 2015

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Course Manhattan Prep GMAT MGMAT Self-Study Toolkit

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The Manhattan course is awesome for Quantitative section. As its reputation , the quant concepts are very nice and elaborate which you will never forget. The alternative approach to solve the problems which also acts as a time saver is good enough. And there are sufficient problems and exercise questions to apply those concepts.

The verbal section is also good. Coming to the sentence correction, since I am a non native speaker, the theory part is good but it needs to be substantiated with more practice and application questions. The concepts and the vocabulary for Sentence Correction is very elaborate and there are lot and lots of grammar rules. But not enough practise questions to apply those rules in real time GMAT questions.

The 6 CATs provided are very good for practise. But I felt that somehow the scores were inflated because in all my CATs I got a decent score of 650 , 680 but in my real GMAT the score was 580, very poor. So somewhere the score calculation might be wrong. But that's just my opinion.

Still I feel the quant of Manhattan is superb and the flash cards also. The most complex problems are solved in a very elegant way.

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