January 27, 2014

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I have submitted my applications in the second round and I am currently awaiting requests for interviews.

My experience with mbaMission is a very happy one.

After having a bad experience with another company, my self- confidence and trust were pretty affected, so I didn't know if I should try again with a different company or not. A Wharton alumni recommended mbaMission, therefore I had a chat with Jeremy, the CEO of the company. He was very honest and realistic and convinced me that this time I was in good hands, so I acquired the package for 6 schools, targeting the first 6 MBA programs in the world. My GMAT was only 610 at that time but my application was pretty strong. Jeremy recommended Daniel Richards to me so I started to work with him straight away.

I have to say that I was very impressed with the quality of the work he delivered: a very good strategy in how to approach each school, a very prompt reply to all my emails and questions, and focused and professional advice regarding my entire application work(essays, resume etc).He was never late with the answers I was waiting for, on the contrary, he surprised me with his promptness. If the previous company didn't reply to my emails for weeks and I had to almost 'beg' for their support, all Daniel's answers were getting to me either on the day or in maximum two days.

Not only was Daniel very serious and professional - exactly what I needed after my previous experience- but he was also very realistic regarding my chances to be admitted to each of the schools I was targeting. This helped me a lot in establishing the final list of the schools. He encouraged me as well and helped in rebuilding my self-confidence. I took GMAT again and got a 670.

His suggestions were always very accurate and clear and I have to say that he taught me how to approach my essays so that I can highlight what needs to be known by the admission committee. My essays became stronger and stronger every day. I came to understand you can say the same thing with fewer words and obtain a more powerful effect.

I fully recommend Daniel to anyone who needs support in doing his/her application for a top school. Of course you have to do your part , but the thought that a professional consultant reviews your work helps you to concentrate much better on what you have to deliver. And if the thought that you make ten or more drafts of your every essay might frighten you, the other thought that actually your application get's better and better should prevail.

If you want to create a stand-out application, I definitely recommend Daniel Richards and mbaMission.

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