June 08, 2014

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My decision to work with Jessica Shklar was probably the best decision I’ve made in recent years. Although the process entailed a lot of work, I am extremely happy with the outcome as I have been admitted to my top choice school.

Prior to deciding to work with Jessica, I scheduled assessment calls with most of the well-known MBA admission consulting firms. It quickly became apparent to me that Jessica was the most experienced and knowledgeable. She was also the only one that I connected with on the personal level. And when Jessica could not take me on as a client in R1, I decided to apply in R2 just so I can work with her.

Here is a summary of what I found most helpful in working with Jessica:

1- She is straightforward. She won’t sugarcoat her feedback

2- She was really invested in the process. I felt she cared about the final outcome just as much as I did. And when I felt satisfied with my application, Jessica kept pushing me to go deeper. At the end, I emerged from this experience a better writer and a storyteller.

3- She is exceptionally skilled in formulating and synthesizing ideas into a story. Combining this with her unmatched coaching skills, Jessica proved to be the ultimate resource, helping me prepare my winning application.

The value of working with Jessica goes beyond the application process. Her support and guidance during my interviews was invaluable. I simply cannot recommend Jessica enough.

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