July 26, 2014

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Highly Recommend Jessica Shklar and mbaMission


Jessica came highly recommended from a close friend who had also enlisted her services, and she did not disappoint. Having helped the friend get into 2 top 10 MBA programs, I had confidence that I was in good hands, however, Jessica far exceeded my expectations.

When Jessica and I started working together, I was in the midst of an overseas deployment, and knew that my dealings would be a little more difficult than what she was used too - she never missed a beat. Additionally, I informed Jessica from the get-go that I would only be applying to 1 business school, at least for the first round. Where I would have expected some reservations or cynicism, given that many philosophies are to cast a wide net and if you are fortunate enough to get into multiple programs you have some high-quality problems, Jessica was absolutely willing, and even encouraged the selection of only the school I was truly interested in.

The process that mbaMission utilizes is tried and true, and I immediately saw the value-added in the organization of my resume and story into a cohesive narrative, which when completed was able to highlight the strengths and characteristics that most benefitted my application. After completing and organizing the the initial data mining, we jumped right into the essays. There was no draft limit on the number of revisions we worked with, some essays needing more work than the others, but the ability to make the story as concise and strong as possible is what I truly benefitted from. Jessica was able to weed through the chaff of my initial drafts and my finished products were 1st class essays that wasted no words. The best part of the essay editing is that while my essays were stronger because of the editing, the tone and story never changed from that of my own voice. Jessica's work was strictly edits and suggestions and never mandates or complete revisions of my thoughts. Because of this, when I submitted my final application I was proud of MY work and knew the admissions committee was meeting me as an applicant.

I highly recommend the mbaMission admissions consulting process, and if you are lucky enough that Jessica can squeeze you in as a client, don't hesitate, you will not be disappointed.

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