January 21, 2015

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I worked with Katy on a 4 school package and was admitted to my top choice and waitlisted at two others. When I first spoke with Katy during a free consultation I was immediately impressed with the amount of background research she had already done, really familiarizing herself with my resume and the company I worked for. She really took the time to address my questions and concerns and didn’t aggressively force a sales pitch upon me, which is why I knew she would be great to work with.

Coming from an engineering background where going to business school was a foreign concept, I decided I wanted to go with the comprehensive 4 school package. This turned out to be a great decision. As someone totally unfamiliar to the application process, the comfort of always having someone to turn to for the even the smallest questions proved to be invaluable and really allowed me to relax and focus of getting my story across. From the outset, Katy helped me narrow down the schools I should apply to based on the criteria that were most important to me, a step I feel is often overlooked. During our brainstorming sessions, she delved deep into my experiences and aspirations to really get at the heart of who I was and what I bring to the table as a candidate. Taking the time to be thorough early on really aided in essay writing and interview prep later on.

Katy was also instrumental in honing my essay writing and interview skills. In an ultra-competitive process such as applying to top B-Schools, you never know which little mistake may be the difference between acceptance and rejection. Katy helped me get my message across in a clear and concise way while avoiding the pitfalls of coming across as too arrogant, too modest, too wordy, etc. Our mock interview sessions, while exhausting, proved to be just the tune up I needed prior to my actual interviews, allowing me to walk in feeling confident and relaxed.

Overall Katy was extremely helpful through every step of the application process. She went above and beyond the “required” duties of a consultant and really built a relationship with me. I would strongly recommend Katy to any prospective students applying to top schools.

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