February 10, 2015

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If your intent is to get an MBA, you will present a stronger candidacy if you reserve Dan’s services.

The first thing to know about him is that he has been there. He has an MBA from CBS so he has succeeded both at getting himself into a top program and at guiding others down the path (I am headed to Columbia next year thanks in large part to Dan).

From the beginning, he will analyze you from all sides: education, work experience, personal life, interests, etc. He is very detailed and has a marketing background and thus is quickly able to identify your unique characteristics that make you more attractive to a top program.

From resumes to essays to short answer questions, he will help you find and develop your most compelling narratives. Then, he will eviscerate your work repeatedly until it flows economically within the allotted word count.

When interview time comes (and it will come of course…because you engaged Dan), he will do wonders for your interview preparation. He knows each school’s unique interview style and drills you accordingly. By the time you are interviewing live with the school, it’s like you are watching an old movie you have seen a dozen times before.

Two more things that really impressed me: First, he always seemed intensely focused and invested in my candidacy. I never felt like my candidacy had anything but his undivided attention. Second, he was always ahead of schedule. MBAmission mandates that their consultants get any work back to you within two business days hours. In my experience, Dan never kept me waiting longer than 12 hours.

In short, being a potentially strong candidate does not guarantee that you will have a strong candidacy. Dan is like The Wolf from Pulp Fiction when it comes to the latter point.

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