March 09, 2015

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Daniel Richards was very helpful through my MBA application process. To be brief, I'll list the ways he helped me and could help you:

Clear expectations: Dan was clear about my chances of getting into the schools I wanted, and at the same time respected my goals. Sometimes honesty hurts, but it helps. In my case it helped me pick schools that fit me.

Editing: coming from a culture that values redundancy in writing, his help cutting down my resumé and essays was great. He did this while maintaining the full meaning of what I wanted to express. He really is great helping you with your own words, as he does not do the work for you, and is clear about the ethics of his consultancy.

Non traditional background: He was great at understanding and using my background to strengthen my app. In this aspect, as an international candidate, he was also very understanding of the different scenarios and difficulties that international candidates face.

Promptness: Never missed a deadline.

Communication: very opened about discussing issues, even over the phone.

The best thing Dan did for me is help me get to the bottom of what I wanted to gain from an MBA. His feedback, questions, and insights really helped me reflect upon various aspects of my candidacy and this will have a lasting impact beyond being accepted.

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