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Jessica Shklar - Invaluable To Your Application

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I met Jessica through a 30 minute free consultation, and was immediately impressed. She was sharp, had pointed questions, wasn't shy to point out my weaknesses, and quickly illustrated she had a game plan to help me create a strong application. I choose to work with Jessica for R#1 admission for 2 school, but found working with her so valuable and insightful that I did not hesitate to expand my package ultimately to 4 schools.

The application process seemed daunting and chaotic (especially when you have a demanding full time job), but Jessica came to the table with a structured approach that was key for success. It began with a thorough brain-storming session, where Jessica quickly honed in on accomplishments/personal stories that would stand out to the admission committee. Having seen potentially thousands of application she provided invaluable insight on what differentiated me as a candidate, things that I might have potentially overlooked. Together we formed the "story" I would tell, which we continued to refine throughout the process. Even at that point I was amazed to see how vested she was in ensuring my "story" was tight, and demonstrated all the characteristics of a successful candidate.

Next was the writing process, where I think Jessica really shines. While I would rate my writing skills as above average, with Jessica's guidance I was able to take it to a higher level. In reviewing my drafts (at all hours of the night... I swear I got emails from her at 2am), her feedback was brutally honest (i.e. this sentence bores me, or love this intro but the rest just does not deliver) and full of clear guidance. Often I found it difficult to articulate what I was trying to say, so Jessica, draft after draft, would ask clarifying questions on that section until finally the right words landed on the page. This was a clear indication of her relentless commitment to ensure I had a superb essay. Similarly, when I pointed out I wasn't 100% happy with an introduction or conclusion, she never said "no its great" but pushed me to improve upon it/offered new approaches, so to ultimately ensure that the essay was the best reflection of myself.

Ultimately, I was accepted to 3 of the 4 schools an accomplishment that Jessica was invaluable to. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone who gives honest and transparent feedback, has a structured approach to the application process, is a great writing coach and has an unwavering commitment to the success of her clients.

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