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Krista Nannery - mbamission - Review

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I worked with Krista throughout the MBA application process and was fortunate to have received offers from 4 schools, including my number one choice – HBS. Krista was instrumental throughout the whole process, and I am certain that I would not have succeeded without all her thoughtful and considered guidance. Before I go into specific examples, I should highlight the fact that Krista made the process far, far easier than it would have been had I gone it alone. Applying to several business schools is a stressful and laborious process – Krista recognises this and was there every step of the way encouraging and being supportive throughout.

Speaking to Krista right at the start of the process, I could tell that we would work well together. I could relate to her considerable experience within the financial services sector, and given that she has been an admissions committee member at a top ranked school she was able to leverage her experiences to help me present the best version of myself. Given her enthusiasm, it was clear that she is passionate about encouraging and helping others maximise their chances of being admitted to their target schools.

During the school selection process, Krista had some great insights – she walked me through what I needed to consider in order to carefully select the right set of schools for me, and gave me a framework for my thinking. This was followed by the brainstorming process – Krista really took the time to get to know me properly on a personal level. She impressed upon me the need to make a significant effort to think through all of my experiences to date. We then spent a great deal of time going through all of this in detail; Krista was adept at drawing out the key messages within my story that would really resonate with the relevant admissions committees. For example, I felt I had a range of disparate extra-curricular activities that didn’t really relate to each other; Krista’s years of experience as an admissions consultant were clearly evident, as she was prescient in her ability to weave together various examples in a thoughtful and coherent manner.

Drafting the essays and short answers was always going to be the toughest part of the process for me, however, Krista made it much less painful than it could have been. She helped me to organise my thinking and tailor my essay plans to reflect what I really wanted to say, something that is very easy to lose sight of when one is so close to the material. She helped my story stand out, and avoid the clichés; in my view, this is hard to do without the view of a seasoned professional. When it came to revising essay drafts, given that I am someone who tends to agonise over language and style, I could tell that she really put a lot of thought into every single question and revision that we discussed. It was this attitude – going the extra mile – that really sets Krista apart. For example, early in the admissions process I had mistakenly interpreted the eligibility criteria for one of my target schools such that I thought I was no longer eligible to apply. Despite not working on this particular school with me, Krista went out of her way to triple check whether or not I could apply and made sure to let me know that the eligibility criteria had been clarified and that I was indeed able to apply. I duly put together an application, and thanks to Krista’s quick thinking I was fortunate to go through that process and end up with an offer at the school.

Throughout the writing phase, it became apparent that Krista’s communication skills are really ‘on point’. It was always clear when I needed to deliver draft versions to her for comments, and when I would get them back. Indeed, she frequently returned materials to me ahead of our planned deadlines. Her attention to detail is exceptional; for example, when it came to the short answer questions, she was able to spot the inconsistencies that I would have certainly overlooked. Interview practice is another one of Krista’s specialties. She went above and beyond in making sure that I was properly prepared, providing me with lists of key questions, walking me through what the atmosphere would be like in the interview room, and role-playing the interview experience so that I felt as confident (as is possible!) when walking into my interviews.

I really am happy with the outcome – the opportunity to attend business school has been a huge long-term goal of mine, and I know I wouldn’t have got there without Krista. I would give the highest recommendation about Krista to anyone thinking of working with her. Thank you so much, Krista!

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