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Dramatic Quant improvement in just 3 weeks!


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Course Target Test Prep Flexible Prep

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TargetTest Prep is amazing. The layout of their website is clean and attractive, and is really easy to follow. They have a specific compressed study schedule for people like me who planned on taking it in a short amount of time (3-4 weeks from when I took it last). After taking the diagnostic test, I dove into the areas that it said I was weak in and started hammering away at them. Jeff was amazing at this time. Even though I had only signed up for the one-month flexible program, he still reached out to me and asked if I wanted to talk or needed any advice.

I dove into all of the tests to make sure I knew exactly where my weaknesses were. And this is where the strength of TargetTest Prep lies. It identifies where you’re weak, but it also dives into the sub-categories. What I didn’t realize, or didn’t focus in on enough, was that within each area, I had my strengths and weaknesses. TargetTest clearly indicated this on their dashboard. They not only showed how well I was doing in that subcategory, but they also linked to explanations on the theory being tested and other questions that I could practice. When I discovered that I was really weak in factorization, this was a surprise to me. But it made sense. And so I went through a bunch of their practice tests and questions, and read their clear explanations (and watched their videos too). I felt the improvement.

When I took the actual test 4 weeks later, I had it in my head that my earlier score of 640 (Q39 V38) wasn’t the worst thing in the world and that I was just going to do my best. When I got to Quant, I recognised the questions, I moved on from the ones I didn’t, the section flowed. When I finished, I was really unsure how well I did. Was it because I was that much better now? Or because I had failed? When my final score of 720 (Q48 V41) came up on the screen, I was in total disbelief. All of that work finally paid off.

I wouldn’t have got there without TargetTest Prep. It was my unifying force in those last few weeks. By helping me to focus in on my weakness, providing clear explanations and have so many practice questions to choose from, it was the answer to my problems. I just can’t believe I didn’t find it 18 months earlier when I first started studying!

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