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Target Test Prep


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Course Target Test Prep Flexible Prep

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Target test prep is like one stop shop for GMAT quant. After taking this course, you dont need any other resource for quant. The entire course is so fantastically designed that you just need to follow it and it will take care of the rest. Tons of practice questions add to the quality of the course. Once you take the course you will realize that no quant question can scare you anymore. The course doesn't teach you cheat codes or tip n tricks instead it teaches the basics behind the topic and make you practice alot. I would recommend this course to anyone who is currently facing issues in quant and is totally confused with tons of material available. I got to know about this course towards the end of my preparation but I felt benefited tremendously during that short period also. It helped me with 3 score points from Q46 to Q49 in that short duration of my taking the course. I wish I knew about Target test prep much earlier.

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