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I started prepping for the GMAT far later than I should have. I took many practice tests (through a prominent test prep company and GMAC), but in the beginning my quantitative scores were fairly weak compared to where I wanted to be. Though my overall score was improving, it was primarily due to improvements in my fairly solid verbal scores.

Shortly before the test date, I decided to use TTP for some in-depth quantitative boot camp to improve my score and reach my overall goal for the GMAT. I was incredibly impressed with the smoothness of the experience, the depth of the practice for each of the principles, and the ability to test easy, medium, and hard questions for each principle. I buckled down and hit TTP hard in the areas I needed (which was knowledge conveniently provided by the TTP diagnostic in the beginning). After lots of prep and practice in these areas, I saw my score make a drastic jump, and I felt much readier to tackle the GMAT.

Test day came and went, and I ended up with a 770 overall (Q50 V46). I couldn't have asked for a better experience both from TTP and the GMAT test day. I know test day was a lot less stressful and a lot more rewarding because of the prep from TTP. If you're on the fence regarding GMAT quant prep, try it out! It was a huge help for me, and I would recommend it (and have already) to anyone!

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