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Target Test Prep and Jeff are the REAL deal for Quant!

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My GMAT journey started 1 year ago with a naive outlook about the test, especially when in came to quant. I am a licensed engineer, so I would like to think that I have a good understanding of higher level math, but as my GMAT studying progressed I came to the realization that my engineering background was probably more of a hindrance than a blessing when it came to tackling the quant section. After taking many practice tests, and averaging around a Q38 I made the decision to enroll in an online Veritas instructor led program. Although this course was very beneficial in teaching the understanding and approach to tackle the test as a whole, one can imagine my disappointment when I received only a 640 (Q41) on the official exam after intensive studying through the 6-week Veritas program. I found that although Veritas is very helpful to the majority of test takers, I knew I had to try something different to reach my goal of breaking 700.

After doing some research on my own, I found that one-on-one tutoring was what I needed to reach my goal, and that the quant problems were my biggest area of weakness. I came across Target Test Prep (TTP), and after reading the reviews I initially thought it was almost too good to be true, but boy was I wrong! I decided to give it a try and signed up for the online curriculum as well as one-on-one sessions with Jeff Miller in May-2016. From countless months of studying I had gained a false sense of security in the basic understanding of certain quant problems, which I found as I worked through the TTP curriculum and met with Jeff on the weekend. Jeff quickly was able to hone in on my weaknesses within quant and explain not only where I was making certain mistakes but also why I was making them. This was the game changer for me when approaching the quant section.

Jeff worked with me, and was very flexible to my schedule, which was very accommodating. Every time we met I felt as though I was having another "Ah-Ha" moment to exploit and then close the different gaps that I had. Most importantly, the one-on-one sessions with Jeff instilled in me the confidence I needed to, and initially did not have, to beat the GMAT and reach my goal by getting a 710 (Q48). I only wish that I had just made the decision earlier on to go through TTP. Jeff and TTP really did make the difference!!

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