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That Long Road...


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Very few times do they tell you that GMAT is a long road and has a great deal of bumps along the way. I figured if I took the class, studied what they said, and did enough practice tests, I would be on an easy ride to my 700. Not so for me, I took Manhattan GMAT twice - once in person and once online. My teachers thought I had mastered it; in fact, they all expected I would get a 700+ in no time. Instead I would get 700-720 on my practice tests and 650 on my actual test TWICE! I kept searching online hoping to find students who went through the same thing as me, so I hope this post helps someone.

I was losing hope and fast. My friend mentioned Scott and Target Test Prep and I can't tell you the wonders it did for me. My numbers speak for themselves. After my first Manhattan class and my first official test I got a 54% in Quant. After my second Manhattan class and second official test, I got a 59%. I started using the Flexible Study Plan at Target Test Prep end of May with Scott to boost my quant score. My official test came to an astonishing 77%. I felt so confident with Math, that I think I could have done even better without the nerves from my previous tests.

Scott, himself, is a great tutor and very patient. He lead me to E-GMAT for my Verbal review. I felt skeptical at first thinking my Verbal was strong, but his recommendation did wonders. He really can see where a student is lacking and bringing the strengths out in them. I just wish I had gone to him before wasting time with Manhattan. Everything quantitative that is on the GMAT is in Target Test Prep. If you study from the program thoroughly, you will feel confident on Quant.

Things I wish people told me when I started this GMAT journey 1.5 years ago:
- It takes time and consistent effort -- try and study everyday even if for a short time
- The basics are super important -- once you know the basics, with practice, the challenging problems will come easy
- Relax and don't let the nerves get to you - So many times I would forget it's just a test and I can get through it

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