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TTP was one of the best prep companies - if not the best - I used in studying for the GMAT. While I was getting relatively consistent verbal scores on practice tests, I had a lot of variance on quant scores. I came across TTP's site, and quickly latched onto it. It's clean, intuitive, and super user-friendly. It also has really strong human support -- when you have a question, someone is there right away to help in their chat tool. TTP became my preferred site for all things quant, beating out some of the heavy hitters: Manhattan GMAT, Kaplan, Economist, Veritas, etc.

I'll also note that I had excellent tutoring sessions with Jeff Miller. Before we met, I identified a couple of problem types that were giving me trouble. Jeff wasted no time (which was important to me given the 160/hr price tag) and helped me understand common approaches I could use to address those same problem types. A couple of times I found myself saying, "That's exactly why I hired you." Kudos to Jeff.

Results were awesome: 760, 8/8, 6/6. Also won the Economist's Brightest Minds Competition. Not a bad haul.

Thanks TTP.

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