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I am in the military, I work full time, and I travel a ton. I started using Target Test Prep after I had already gone through a popular in person 6-week course with another company and could not get above a 610 on the GMAT. A friend urged me to try Target Test Prep. Initially I was reluctant because I am not a big fan of computer based learning. Target Test Prep quickly changed my perspective on what can be gained through a computer based medium, and especially what can be accomplished online with the incredible tutor Target Test Prep has. I started Target Test Prep (TTP) on September 30th 2016 and started working with Jeff (the Tutor from TTP) a few weeks after that. By November 12th 2016 I scored a 650. This is when I started to get serious with TTP. Based on that improvement, Jeff encouraged me to have faith in the platform, follow the curriculum, and work with him. I took his advice and alongside the curriculum, I met with Jeff (on average) once a week until the end of December and scored a 710 on December 29th 2016. I know that if I continued to work with Jeff and use TTP, my score would likely go even higher, but a 710 was good enough for me and met the balance I needed between a good score and time invested. I am very grateful to Jeff and Scott for their excellent curriculum, and I am especially thankful to Jeff for the advising, encouragement, and incredible insight he provided me, and for the excellent instruction on how to solve GMAT problems efficiently and consistently. I would recommend TTP to friends, as I have already. A good friend of mine just bought TTP based on my recommendation and has started working with Jeff. A couple of our mutual friends are considering doing the same after seeing the success I had, as well as the momentum my friend is gaining already. If you are stuck on the GMAT or don't know where to start, this is the program for you! Thank you TTP for helping me put a swift end to this painful GMAT process!

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