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Target Test Prep Flexible Plan Review


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Course Target Test Prep Flexible Prep

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I took my GMAT for the first time in July 2017 and got a 44Q. After months of studying, using all the Kaplan materials (including the Live Online Prep Course), and taking countless practice tests with better results, I was really disappointed with my quant score.

After decompressing for a few weeks, I decided I might as well give the GMAT another go while the math was fresh in my mind. I didn’t want to wait another year to take the test and have to re-learn everything I had spent months trying to remember. So I decided to take the test again at the end of August.

As I geared up to take the test again, I knew that just using the Kaplan materials again wasn’t going to get me the score I wanted. After extensive internet searching I landed on Target Test Prep. Beyond having good reviews, the Flexible Program was reasonably priced at $99 a month. This was a big plus after spending thousands on the Kaplan program.

Like other reviewers have said, the Dashboard is extremely useful. It shows your strongest and weakest chapters, your accuracy percentage, your average time per question (even divided up between problem solving and data sufficiency), among other things. It is a great quick and easy way to keep track of your progress and see what you still need to improve on.

I began with doing the medium-level practice problems in each of the chapters. That gave me a good indication of what me strengths and weaknesses were. After determining the topic areas I needed to review (e.g., combinations and permutations, probability), I reviewed those specific chapters only. The chapters were detailed and contained a lot of useful tricks to work through problems faster. Especially useful were the video AND written explanations for each practice problem within the chapter. I also liked that the practice problems were divided up by difficulty level and practices sets had accuracy goals depending on difficulty level (i.e., you should aim to get 70% of medium questions right vs. 60% of hard questions right).

Target Test Prep really lived up to its reviews. After using it exclusively for a month, I got my quant score up to 49! I can definitely say that I was more confident about the quant section going into my test. More concretely, I know I would have gotten the first question of the quant section wrong on test day if it weren’t for Target Test Prep.

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