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April 07 | 2018
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This review is for: Target Test Prep Flexible Prep
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Target Test Prep helped me a lot. It is very in-depth on quant topics and includes multiple hours of practice quizzes for each section. By going in-depth, you get to learn even edge-case questions well and complete them quickly on the GMAT exam.

The software is easy to use and contains useful analytics on your progress. You can also easily re-review problems you mark or get wrong.

Note that I studied over a long period (3+ months of prep time). I think TTP makes offerings for quicker study. But you should read other reviews to learn about that. I hit the books HARD and found TTP valuable for going in-depth, taking the slow route to assured victory. I took some tours of other courses. My impression is that TTP includes more deep explanations of rare questions/topics than other courses. I think this lends itself to in-depth study.

I generally went outside of TTP for test-taking strategy tips. I got that advice from friends and forums. I used TTP to understand and drill the material itself.

Overall, I believe this course was very useful towards my success on quant.

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