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I felt soooo rushed!
March 05 | 2012
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I believe that the content of this course is incredible. However, throughout the 9 weeks I constantly felt like I was drowning in the material. Homework took over 20 hours week after week (sometimes even 30 hours or more). Having said that, if you take homework seriously you should see a great score increase. In my case the increase was 50 points from CAT1 to CAT3.

My instructor was not stellar, he knew the material but it was apparent that he was new and has not found his groove for teaching the class. I took a make up class with another instructor and it was a night and day difference. So I decided to use up all of my make up classes with this man. I think I saw a huge improvement in my quant score because of this instructor. He was INCREDIBLE!

Couple of areas of improvement:
1) bring back office hours! students should have time to ask specific questions. the classroom is not a good platform for that as time is stretched there as is.
2) Have us take one CAT exam during week 5. Currently as is we end up taking 2 CATs within 2 weeks... kind of silly if you ask me.
3) Consider giving an extra week for students to catch up.

Some great things about the class:
1) It is very structured... the content is great and if you follow their study plan you will do great.
2) The Online Labs are priceless... make sure you take the time to do them
3) DS strategy has helped me a great deal.
4) Some instructors are truly gifted when it comes to teaching

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