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Harvard Business School former Assistant Director

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Malvina has an extensive background in recruitment and career development having worked at Harvard Business School (HBS) as the Assistant Director of Careers Services, and in the corporate world with LVMH, L’Oreal USA.

At HBS Malvina worked in Career Services and led the Programs and Communication team, developing career development programs for HBS students. In this capacity, Malvina also provided hundreds of hours of one-on-one career coaching to HBS students. Her article in Forbes, ‘10 Tips For Acing The MBA Interview‘, has been viewed over 70,000 times, and she was invited by the Financial Times to share her interview expertise in the video you can see below.

At L’Oreal USA, Malvina was head of Talent for the Luxury Products Division and in this role her responsibilities included full-time and intern MBA selection as well as designing and heading the Marketing Management Development Program for Luxury. Malvina’s role then expanded to lead the marketing campus recruitment initiative for L’Oreal USA.

Malvina graduated from Vassar College in psychology (1995), and holds a Master of Human Resources from Universite Paris V (1999).

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Great coach!
July 24 | 2017
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     By Tel3768 0
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Malvina was absolutely brilliant to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone applying to top business schools. She was always available to offer in-depth guidance (even at very short notice and just before imminent deadlines) and provide reassurance. She has a deep knowledge of the inner workings of top schools and I have no doubt that I wouldn't have been anywhere near as successful with my applications had it not been for her. I would highly recommend her to anybody considering applying to business school, especially international students for whom the whole process can be quite unfamiliar.

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     By arghhenemy 1
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I started searching for a company to work with several months prior accepting an offer from Fortuna Admissions. What amazed me about Fortuna Admissions was their expertise and excellent team of coaches with incredible background and expertise.

After initial calls with the company’s head Matt Symonds, I was assigned to work with Malvina. And I must say that that was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life working with someone. Malvina was an incredible person, coach and mentor who pushed me towards my goal of entering the best MBA program.

Malvina was always there, whenever I needed help and guidance. From the first call we started brainstorming my story and narrative. She helped me to open my eyes on many things, including what makes me special among other qualified peers applying to business schools. We were able to build a unique story highlighting my strengths and adequately addressing my weaknesses. Throughout the span of 8 months, Malvina was my mentor that not only helped me to build a story for business schools but also helped me to discover myself. With what she helped me – helping discover myself and what truly makes me who I am – was and will be an invaluable experience that I will carry from now on. I am extremely grateful and lucky that I had this incredible opportunity of working with Malvina. At the end, I was admitted to GSB and Yale where I hope to accomplish my life goals… thanks to Malvina. I have no idea what would have happened without Malvina. I am so thankful to her and cannot fully express my appreciation for what Malvina helped me to accomplish.

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     By BE123321 2
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I decided to work with an MBA admissions coach 12 weeks before the HBS Round 1 application deadline.
From the first minute of my 1,5h application kick-off call with HBS expert Malvina, I felt that she shared my desire to win. I felt so lucky to work with someone who is passionate about coaching, and even though we would only spend 8 hours together, Malvina clearly considered my application her Full-Time job. Malvina developed a highly customized essay framework based on the “key selling points” that she had identified from my responses to the “Fortuna questionnaire”. Already during my second call, I felt like if Malvina had known me for over 20 years. Between our calls, Malvina reflected in depth on my application and thanks to her excellent essay editing skills and her continuous availability, we managed to come up with a picture-perfect essay in less than four weeks.
Malvina also played a crucial role in helping me to complete the application questionnaire (employment history, additional information, etc) and to select the right recommenders.
The interview-prep call with Malvina was very similar to the actual interview, and she shared extremely valuable HBS insider tips that no-one else (eg. HBS alumni,…) would provide me. Working with Malvina - who knows HBS inside out - really made the difference.
Five months after I started working with Fortuna, I can call myself a proud HBS admit, and I don’t know how I would have done without Malvina’s help.

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After working with Malvina and Judith over several months, I can definitely say that Fortuna shines in the following two regards:

1) Approachability – In order to get the best essays out of you, you have to feel comfortable bouncing ideas back and forth with your counselors. I had a million questions regarding my applications, essays and interviews, and never had any qualms about emailing or setting up a skype call with Malvina and Judith. They were prompt and gave me useful, direct advice based on their years of experience.

2) Interview prep – Fortuna not only gave me access to dozens of school-specific interview questions but also connected me with alumni and a prior admissions officer to schedule multiple practice interviews. As someone with little to no connection to any of my target schools, this access was invaluable.

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