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GMAT Course Review
Highly Recommend
May 19 | 2017
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I'd highly recommend Manhattan Prep, and specifically Marcus Hedahl as an instructor. I improved over 100 points from the 600's into the 700's from the beginning of the course to test day in a little less than three months.

Manhattan Prep has the GMAT down to a science, without a question. (Not to mention, the customer service is incredibly professional, responsive, and all-around very helpful). Specifically, Marcus knows the exam backwards and forwards, and has tips, tricks, and invaluable insights into how to approach the exam, which I imagine are unparalleled among other prep companies. He also makes each class fun, lively, and engaging, which makes a real difference with a 3 hour class after a full workday. He's patient with everyone in the class, and has really great advice on how to approach various question types, common mistakes, study habits, and generally anything at all related to the test. I really can't speak highly enough of Marcus.

I would recommend focusing less on strategy books and more on practice problems, but as far as prep companies to use, Manhattan Prep is undoubtedly the way to go.

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GMAT Course Review
Highly recommended
June 23 | 2012
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This course gives you all the tools to excel on the GMAT, and I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get a 700+.

Marcus was an amazing instructor and kept the class lively for the students (which is hard to do for a 3-hour period after a long day at work). He is also incredibly smart and really knows his GMAT. I was consistently impressed with his teaching ability. The material was extensive so I felt like Manhattan GMAT gave me all the resources I could ask for in preparation for the test.

However, you can't expect to just go to class and then get a great score on the GMAT. You also have to put in a lot of work outside of the class, which Manhattan GMAT readily admits. After I took the course, I took the test for the first time and did poorly (640) although I was scoring a 700 on my practice tests. I was really upset. However, as instructed by Marcus, I set up my post-course assessment with Manhattan GMAT, which is a 45 minute phone call with a special instructor to talk about how to improve your score the next go-around. I received wonderful instruction that included a concrete study plan in preparation for the second try. One month later, I got a 720!!!


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