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A graduate of Lehigh University, Rachel Beck holds a master’s degree in journalism and earned her MBA from Columbia Business School, where she was awarded the prestigious Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Economics Business Journalism. While at Columbia, Rachel was both a teaching assistant and an officer in the retail club. She also served as a resume reviewer for the MBA program’s Career Management Center and volunteered for iPrep, a program that helps the underprivileged learn and improve their interview skills. Since graduating from Columbia, Rachel has been an alumni admissions interviewer for the school. Before joining mbaMission, Rachel was the national business columnist and features writer for The Associated Press, where she covered such topics as the financial crisis and Great Recession, consumer trends, accounting issues in corporate America and executive pay. Rachel has interviewed dozens of Fortune 500 CEOs and has been featured in numerous radio and TV spots on major news events. Her award-winning columns and stories have appeared in newspapers and on online news sites worldwide.

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June 08, 2016

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Rachel Beck

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Rachel is an extremely engaging and really good at helping you find a good "spin" for your MBA stories. She will not only help you honing in on worth-while stories to tell–but how to create those attention grabbing phrases that really lure the reader in, and make for an MBA essay that will stand out to the adcom who reads through dozens of essays a day. She is also extremely clear and diligent in getting her comments and edits back to you in a timely manner. Honestly, there are a lot of good stories out there, and it really is just a matter of how you tell the story–Rachel is fantastic at this. After working with Rachel I am now going to a top 10 program with a scholarship.

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December 11, 2015

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Interview Prep - Rachel Beck


CBS was my top choice. I was extremely happy to get an invite to interview. At that point, CBS felt like it was so close and yet so far. I decided I would do all I can to prepare for the interview. I spoke with friends that were alumni, they shared their thoughts. But at the end of the day, you need someone that knows the school, was an interviewer so knows what they are after. I was stressing about structuring my answers the perfect way. This is where Rachel came in. She stressed and stressed again that this is a fit interview. That was a game changer for me because it gave me an authoritative source about they way I should approach the interview. I could focus all my energy on one approach. She prepped me through the key questions, which was great. Patiently pointing out strengths and helping me on weaknesses. She was very flexible in terms of times at when to meet, splitting our 2 hours into 2 sessions: one on a Saturday morning since it worked best for me and another the day before the interview. She was excellent and I would hire her again for interview prep. Thanks for your help Rachel! A few weeks ago, I got admitted and I'm extremely excited to be heading to CBS.

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November 29, 2015

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Huge thanks to Rachel at mbaMission!

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This is a review for using the hourly services at mbaMission. I worked entirely with Rachel, beginning in early June, until my acceptance into my first choice school in late September. We had a kick-off call to discuss which schools I was applying to and she gave me really helpful feedback on my list, and suggested a few that I hadn't really considered.

I mainly used the hourly services for help with my essays. Throughout the writing process, Rachel gave really specific, detailed edits and feedback - I hadn't written in years, and when I wrote my first drafts, a lot of important details/aspects of my story were missing. I felt like Rachel really knew me, and knew where I wanted to go with my MBA, and so her comments and revisions were completely in line with my overall story; with her help I was able to translate my story into 250 or 500-word nuggets without losing important elements. Throughout it all, Rachel was very, very supportive but never shied from pushing me to deliver the best possible versions of my story to the Admissions Committees. She was incredibly responsive and was always willing to schedule a call if I felt like I had more questions. In the end, I was accepted into CBS early decision, and I give Rachel's guidance and coaching a lot of credit with helping me get there.

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December 19, 2014

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Rachel Beck - worth it


I worked with Rachel Beck on a two-school package (CBS and Stern). I will preface my review by saying that I applied to business school from a nontraditional background (with no real “name brand” experience under my belt but interesting and unique work experience) and with stats that are not quite at the levels that CBS and Stern look for (700 with weak quant and a 3.54 from a decently ranked liberal arts college).

Rachel did an excellent job at pulling out what she thought was interesting from my profile and building my story from there. Working with an admissions consultant is quite time consuming at first because your consultant will need to get to know you on a very personal level. It is the intimate details and examples that count when you are writing your essays so be prepared for that. Rachel was really able to “get” me based on the “life story” that I put together for her and together we were able to craft my story into something that made sense from an admissions standpoint. One thing that she was able to do exceptionally well was find examples of leadership in my profile. I was having great difficulty with this and was worried that it would sink my entire candidacy but Rachel was able to demonstrate to me how my past achievements showed leadership.

Rachel will not write the essays for you but she will give you prompts to get you going in a direction that meshes well with your overall story. Rachel has a background in Journalism (MA/MBA from Columbia Journalism School and CBS and very extensive experience in business journalism) so she really knows how to say a lot with very few words. Where it would take me thirty words to say something in an essay it would take her maybe twelve tops…this was extremely helpful when she was editing my essays for clarity. This is an extremely valuable skill that very, very few people have and is of the utmost importance when writing admissions essays.

I was very worried about my interview (hadn’t interviewed for anything in about 6 years) but it really only took one hour-long phone call with Rachel to get my answers straight. It is very important that you practice the interview questions on your own and with other people – don’t depend on your consultant to hold your hand the entire way through.

One of the most important benefits of having an admissions consultant is that they will keep you on schedule and the money that you spent on the consultant will keep you very motivated to put you best foot forward.

I ended up being admitted to Columbia Business School (Early Decision) Class of 2017. It was my top choice and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Rachel and I also put together a great Stern application – won’t be spending $225 to submit that one though!

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March 19, 2014

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mbaMission & Rachel


I signed up for a four school package with Rachel at mbaMission.

In March of 2012, I called mbaMission for a free consultation. I had just secured a high GMAT score, and while I thought it might be enough to get me into a top school, they pointed out that I was weak in my career and extra-curriculars. After hearing this, I decided to wait a year and work on these weaknesses, while seriously considering whether I wanted to sign up for one of mbaMission’s full school packages.

After a lot of research, I signed up for the service, and chose Rachel based on her background and reviews.

Rachel was the perfect choice. The most challenging part of the process for me was becoming comfortable talking about myself, but through extensive free-writes, Rachel forced me to dig deeper into my past and pull out things that would enhance my story. She never hesitated to honestly critique my essay drafts, and she helped me avoid topics that would have been detrimental to my application. The mock interview she gave me was also crucial. Some of my intuitive responses were the opposite of what an admissions committee would want to hear, and I definitely would have answered some of the real interview questions poorly without her guidance.

But none of that compares to what Rachel really helped me with – my story. For over a year, I had planned on applying to school with a finance / consulting angle, thinking that this would improve my chances of acceptance. Fortunately, Rachel caught this early and explained that the finance / consulting angle would actually hurt my chances because that pool of applicants is far more competitive. Instead, Rachel drew from my free-writes and my past and encouraged me to apply with a focus on media, which I am genuinely passionate about. Not only did Rachel improve my chances of acceptance, but she also helped me retool my career focus to something I truly wanted.

I was accepted to Columbia early decision. I recommend mbaMission and Rachel to anyone pursuing a top school.

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