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e-GMAT to the rescue


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When I first wrote my first GMAT mock test on Nov 2017 I scored 200, the worst course possible. I enrolled with an Indian GMAT prep company and started preparing for GMAT. I knew that I could improve my GMAT score in actual GMAT. I started my prep with verbal course. The course approach was based on lots of rules and remembering what to do when similar types of questions appear that I practiced. After 2 months of preparation when I tried to solve the 500 level SC question, I came to know how clueless I was. I didn't have any approach. Then I came to know about e-GMAT on Gmat Club. First I attended few of their verbal webinars. After going through few reviews on Gmat Club, I enrolled for their online verbal course. I wrote my GMAT on 24th Jan 2019 and scored 39 in verbal( 710- Q47, V39). That speaks a volume about e-GMAT's approach for verbal.
How e-GMAT is different?
Sentence Correction
1) The whole approach is based on understanding the sentence first.
2) They don't give much stress on grammar and associated rules. You don't need to remember a lot of rules.
3) You will learn a structural approach to solve SC question.
The pre-thinking approach will engage you with the stimuli of a CR question. When you clearly understand what the author is trying to express then every CR question becomes easy for you.
When you go through the videos of RC approach, you will understand that you do not need practice hundreds of RC passages to get a understanding RC question.
I recommend e-GMAT online verbal course for every non-native as well as native students who is struggling with GMAT verbal. Just complete the whole course and solve all the scholaranium question. You are good to go. You will ace GMAT verbal.

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