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[Profile Review] 27M In Aerospace

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Joined: 22 Jan 2017
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[Profile Review] 27M In Aerospace  [#permalink]

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New post 05 Feb 2018, 16:05
Work experience:

Current Position: Aerospace company (Fortune 500)

Spent 1 year as Sr. Financial Analyst then moved to Program Management. Currently a Program Manager III and have been working this position for ~2 years. Lead PM on high visibility program worth >$200m, oversight from all aspects of program (hardware, software, content, customer relations, financial etc..). Received two promotions over 24 months (PM I > PM II > PM III) and in line for possible third before matriculation. Current salary is $115K + 15% yearly bonus.

Prior position: 2 years at aerospace company working in Finance - one promotion from Analyst to Sr. Financial Analyst.

Extra curriculars:

Admittedly not many. Currently working ~60 hour weeks so no real time for outside events. Participation in company charity/fundraising events about every other month. Adult soccer league, ski-club.

Undergrad school/major:

Pretty well regarded state school in California, respectable on west-coast.

Other education/coursework: PMP Certified, part of a few business clubs/intramural sports in undergrad.

Demographic: White/Native American male.


GMAT Score: Currently testing at ~ 720. Very high quant, verbal is about average.

Undergrad GPA: 2.7 (:(). No real excuse here just wasn't as concerned with my academics as I was going to parties and chasing tail. Hoping strong career performance and good recommendations can help overcome this anchor. Trying to get my GMAT to around 740-750 to help offset. Still figuring out how I will address it in my essay.

MBA Info

Goal of MBA: Very happy in my current company as I am well respected and rising quickly. Really main reason I have for pursuing MBA is most upper execs have it and if I wish to transition into higher level positions (ie. Director of Program Mgmt, etc) going forward I need a graduate degree.

As I don't want to leave my job I am currently exploring part-time/online MBA programs in the Southern California area. My low GPA/lack of extracurricular probably knocks me out of contention for Anderson but still going to give it a shot.

Target schools: Marshall, Merage (UCI), Foster Online (Preferred, explained below).

Reach: Anderson

Follow on question: What is the general consensus around here in regards to doing online MBA? Would I be able to present this the same as a full/part-time MBA. I am very interested in the UW Foster's Hybrid program which is 95% online because they have a good focus on tech and I love Seattle also travel to Boeing quite frequently for business. Assuming I can't get into UCLA part-time program this would probably be my top choice but not sure on the prestige that is 'lost' by taking MBA online.

I am not as concerned with losing the networking portion as I am fairly well connected within my current industry and I intend on staying in it.
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Re: [Profile Review] 27M In Aerospace  [#permalink]

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New post 11 Feb 2018, 17:11
As you are aiming to stay within your firm, it will largely depends on the designation of your degree. An online program on its face is far less prestigious than classroom courses. For you it seems like the MBA is simply a stamp for future progression so the relative prestige factor probably will not matter as much for you. Now to how this degree will be presented, many MBA grads just list the school and the years attended. Usually the years attended is the giveaway to what degree you received to the informed. The value here for degree nomenclature is highest for those looking to switch jobs post-MBA so in your situation this would be less relevant for you. I would dig around in your organization and learn the type of schools/programs the senior people attended and determine if you would feel comfortable with an online MBA in your environment
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[Profile Review] 27M In Aerospace

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