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A day in life of First Year McDonough MBA Student

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A day in life of First Year McDonough MBA Student  [#permalink]

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New post 30 Mar 2019, 16:57
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This article is written as part of the MBA Chronicles project. For more such articles, check MBA Chronicles

I wanted to write this article or post past two weeks but I couldn't due to my other priorities. Now I want to share with you guys what it typically looks in the MBA student life at McDonough. I am currently in my MOD-4, so there is not a lot of recruiting activities going around. Most of the students are focusing on their studies and projects/assignments for their core and electives.

I want to share my hectic days during the fall semester. It was terrific, demanding, and sometimes repetitive but I enjoyed every bit of it. This is just my day at school. Many students have different class timings and their schedules for personal work.

I belong to a cohort, where our classes start at 9:30 AM most of the week. So I get little extra sleep. I usually wake up around 7:00 AM for these classes. I usually check my emails, required readings for the classes, and check my plans for the day with my study group for any assignment or project that is due. I, then get ready for my bus(Georgetown has shuttle buses to the campus) and I mostly arrive at School by 9:15 AM. For the 8 AM classes(one day a week, I do the same routine but wake up around 5.30AM)

9:30 AM: First class of the day. By far the most fun class ever. It is a Finance Class. I know it is not fun, but Professor Lee Pinkowitz makes it entertaining for us. We usually have a case to read and prepare for the discussion that we will have our class. Most of the times, I cannot believe the time flies when Prof. Pinkowitz talks and interestingly teaches Finance. We have discussions about the case, our approach and the right way to solve those. He is a master when it comes to preparing powerpoints. It is a fun and engaging way to teach a dry subject like Finance. His question papers for the exam is also funny during the stressful two to three hours. It will involve some movie or pop culture reference. For example- we had information for our questions in the form of Marvel and Wakanda for a Capital structure question sets.

Our classes are for 1 hour 20 minutes. If we have two courses in the morning, we usually have 10 minutes break before the other one starts.

11:00 AM: Time for Strategy Class. We had three professors for this class. Prof. Macher, Miller, and Ostler. We covered many interesting topics in this class and learned a lot about supply & demand, game theory, and price discrimination, Porter's five forces, etc. Of course, we had many required readings, cases, and mini-articles to speak during the class. Our preparation for the final presentation was fun. They would assign us a company, and we had to analyzed and provide recommendations to the company. This class gets over at 12:20 PM.

Probably the most extended break in school. Our Cohort had a lunch break until 3:30 PM. I usually get other things done during this time. I practiced cases, and behavioral to prepare for consulting firms. It takes a lot out of you. I then, research about the companies I want to apply. I meet my teammates for any group assignments, and case preps for Strategy classes. I usually finish my lunch before 1 PM so that I can get enough time to complete these activities.

3:30 PM: Statistics Class and Professor Guerrero. He usually makes some jokes during classes. But we all love the way he says "Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen. Are you following me? ". Some time people count that usage. I heard someone in the class say that he used the phrase more than 30 times during the 1-hour 20-minute class. We had to practice our binomials and other statistical analysis using Minitab. We usually have homework for the week. So, you have to follow what Prof does in the class to able to solve the case using a statistical approach.

By 5 PM all my classes are over for the day. I usually hang around in the school for the next two to three hours, meeting my friends and teammates to discuss. I also meet my peer advisors if it is needed to review the cases prep and behavioral again. My Monday and Wednesday are leanest days since I had only one class during the Mod-2 of the fall semester. I was able to get most of my personal work done during these days. During Mondays, we also had Lunch & Learn session with Consulting Club, where current 2nd years who interned at Consulting firms practice a case with us(usually different industry and sector cases every week) to prepare for the interviews. I am also a Graduate assistant, so I have to put in approx 10 hours per week for assignment grading and teaching assistant role for a professor I work.

Since it was a peak recruitment seasons, I send some emails to the person I want to connect to discuss with them about the company. If we had any company presentation or visits, we meet the recruiter and consultants from the company, exchange business cards, and write thank you emails by the end of the day or early next day.

After school, I finish my dinner, go to the gym, and rest to be all energetic for the next day.

If it is Thursday, we usually have Kegs at 5 PM, we all hang out, drink some beer & wine and have some snacks before we start our weekend. After Kegs, we do a Post-Keg party. It is usually some local pub, where some of us meet again to enjoy, de-stress and party.

Weekends- I finish my homework, assignments, and cases that are due for next week classes. Talk to family members and friends. I sometimes practice a case or two with my roommate.

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Re: A day in life of First Year McDonough MBA Student  [#permalink]

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New post 11 Apr 2019, 22:15
Call me mad if you will but reading this has got me more excited, Gnpth!
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Re: A day in life of First Year McDonough MBA Student  [#permalink]

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New post 14 Jul 2019, 21:06
Top Contributor
Excellent first-hand insights from the program! Thank you very much for sharing your experiences at McDonough. Very interesting to go through.
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Re: A day in life of First Year McDonough MBA Student   [#permalink] 14 Jul 2019, 21:06
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A day in life of First Year McDonough MBA Student

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