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GMAC Executive Assessment for EMBA

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ARLee Consulting
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New post 27 Aug 2018, 10:49
Hi veerpalsingh,

I believe you'll be better off using your EA score, as most schools consider +150 to be an acceptable score.

I hope this helps.

Good luck
Alex Ruiz Lee, INSEAD MBA'11D (with experience as Admissions Interviewer)
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Re: GMAC Executive Assessment for EMBA  [#permalink]

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New post 03 Sep 2018, 03:36
niran101 wrote:
NattySingh wrote:
Hi.. It was much easier than GMAT.. I got 172 score with Q15 V13 ir 14..

Hello GMATophiles, I took the EA last week. I scored 18(quant), 13 (verbal) and 18(IR) with a total score of 169. I see Natty Singh's score is 172 (congratulations btw) - higher than mine but lesser or equal scores in each category. How is this rated? As more people take the test are the scores being normalised? Or since it is batch difficulty based, easier questions if answered contribute differently to the scores?
Anyway EA has very litte information on the website and the online chat or the GMAC telephone service are not helpful. No percentiles makes any interpretation non meaningful.

one of the users of the forum requested for more info on PM. I am posting here for everyones consumption.

heylo all, the qbank on the official site are more or less the same type of questions you will get on the test.
Any good GMAT course is good to follow. there are clear areas that are in GMAT but not in EA. like advanced geometry and distribution (this is also part of EA official site data).
I did write GMAT earlier but the score is so standardised that people (admission staff) compare it and judge very quickly. 720 is better than 700 but is very poor compared to say 750.
EA that way has no such issues. it is used more or less like a entry barrier. more than 150 is good. they wont care about the score above that. below 150 makes the job of convincing them harder.

As i have mentioned in my previous post, EA is not yet fully standardised. Some people get easier chunk of questions and some get tougher. your score is not a representative of your %age of correct answers.

Best wishes on your EA and hope you get into the school you want to.

The response from EA is as follows:
GMAC is still in the process of establishing an official norm of EA takers, based on tests taken to date, EA Total score of 150 is about 64th percentile of the test population. We don’t publish percentiles or results analyses because the EA is designed to be a tool to gauge readiness and that makes it different from the GMAT.

Please keep in mind, the reporting scales of EA exam for IR, V, and Q, sections are not a simple reflection on % of correctly answered questions. Each scale of EA section score is constructed based on a standardized posterior distribution conditional on the difficulty of the specific question sets administered to each test taker (note that each test takers see different sets of items depending on their performance in previous sections) and is independent from each other and from the scaled of EA Total, which is, not of a percent of correctly answered questions. The scoring is done using on a stochastic solution searching called the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) which is applied to the underlying probability model called the item response theory (IRT).

For more basic information about IRT and MLE, you can refer to and

If you require understanding of your performance level is appropriate, you are advised to contact your preferred school for further discussion.
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GMAT 1: 720 Q50 V37
WE: Corporate Finance (Computer Software)
Re: GMAC Executive Assessment for EMBA  [#permalink]

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New post 23 Nov 2019, 04:23
I have given the first two review tests with the score of 164 and 162. I wanted to confirm how much do these score result in terms of percentile as I am looking to target the 99 percentile as I wish to apply for my full time MBA and few full time programs are accepting EA in addition to GMAT.
natty - Congrats on your score of 172. I wanted to confirm the split as i got a split of IR11, V13, Q18 but was only able to hit 162 in the practice tests
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Re: GMAC Executive Assessment for EMBA   [#permalink] 23 Nov 2019, 04:23

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GMAC Executive Assessment for EMBA

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