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Kellogg JD/MBA ($$$$), MIT Sloan ($$$$), Tuck ($$$)

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Decisions, Decisions...

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Joined: 17 Feb 2017
Posts: 12
Location: United States (VA)
Concentration: Strategy, Finance
GMAT 1: 700 Q47 V40
GMAT 2: 760 Q49 V44
GPA: 3.15
Kellogg JD/MBA ($$$$), MIT Sloan ($$$$), Tuck ($$$)  [#permalink]

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New post 22 Dec 2018, 06:22
Military Vet Accepted at the above programs and looking to get some outside perspectives on my decision. Due to GI Bill or Fellowships, Kellogg tuition would be fully covered, MIT would cost ~5k per year, and Tuck would cost ~15k per year. My long-term goals aren't laser focused yet (no exposure to any industries due to 6 year military career), leaning towards consulting but open to finance, and would consider big law if at the JD/MBA.

+ Joint program gives me flexibility in career path
+ I value education, two degrees for free seems like a pretty good deal
- If I choose business, 1 year of opportunity cost
- 1L is notoriously a beast

MIT Sloan:
+ Great course offerings and Professors
+ Love Boston
- Didn't feel as much of a connection with students at interview day, although I really liked the prospective students I talked with

+ Beautiful campus
+ Most connection to student body
+ Alumni network is insanely helpful
- Not as highly ranked as other programs, outside consulting it seems like job placement isn't quite as strong as other programs
- Costs more than the other programs
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Joined: 24 Sep 2017
Posts: 93
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GRE 1: Q170 V164
GPA: 3.75
WE: Project Management (Manufacturing)
Re: Kellogg JD/MBA ($$$$), MIT Sloan ($$$$), Tuck ($$$)  [#permalink]

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New post 22 Dec 2018, 08:44
Since you had the best connection at Tuck, that may be the way to go. Are you okay with its location?

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Joined: 04 Dec 2002
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Location: United States (WA)
GMAT 1: 750 Q49 V42
GPA: 3.5
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Kellogg JD/MBA ($$$$), MIT Sloan ($$$$), Tuck ($$$)  [#permalink]

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New post 22 Dec 2018, 20:24
Congratulations! Amazing job with the applications and scholarships!
These are all top schools! I can see huge reasons to each one of these.

On the JD/MBA side, do you want to extend your school by a year and spend it with 22-year olds? Law School is a different beast and it seems class rankings mean a lot in terms of employability. I don't see it hurting but I just want to make sure you are committed though I can't see that it would be tougher than the 6 years of service and directing a bunch of 18-year old privates. Forgive me for assuming Army. I researched the Kellogg JD MBA a bit and I like that they put the Law School during your first year instead of in the middle or the end. I would try to connect with a JD/MBA person to see what they think about it in retrospect. Perhaps it is fantastic and makes recruiting a breeze though recruiting a year or two after completing the Law School, you likely won't pursue a law career or be perceived qualified or offered enough $$$ as an associate to lure you there vs. going to consulting or tech with a $150K starting salary. I feel a law degree would be a personal accomplishment and something you would definitely learn a lot from and be able to use in many ways along the way in your professional and personal life but probably not what you will get hired for.

Some other thoughts:
  • Many people on GMAT Club feel Kellogg is one of the top 3 programs and I am sure it is true. It is well known for consulting, product management, and marketing.
  • Sloan is a great choice for anyone planning to be outside of the US due to the MIT brand name as well as anything Tech or Consulting or Startup related. Everyone knows MIT but no so much Kellogg.
  • Tuck is the amazing BSchool experience of being separated from the world away in a small isolated town (not sure if you love it or hate it after deployment) but I can see this being something you can very much relate to. Having a common enemy (recruiting and boredom) likely bond the student body and force them to interact a lot more than at any of the other programs.

P.S. Don't worry about connecting with the student body/school/etc - schools are very diverse and relying on just a single occurrence at the admit weekend or during the interviews is not a very accurate measuring stick. First impressions are everything and sometimes we behave with immediate assumption in mind. The classes at schools are well balanced and you will find a perfect fit within a few weeks and will be just as comfortable and well off at any of these programs so i would not list that as a negative or positive per se for any of the schools.

Again, congratulations and good luck with your choice!

PPS. I would highly recommend getting a bit more dialed in with your career goals. You should have a very good idea where you want to go into by the time you start orientation. It is very important as there will be clubs, opportunities, recruiting sessions, etc that will split you off by track, path, etc and you will have to make trade offs on the spot as you can't attend all and there will be diff competition. Also, it is a lot easier to recruit if you have a very clear idea about your goals and your target industry company/etc. I am sure you know but I felt important to type this out :cool:
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Kellogg JD/MBA ($$$$), MIT Sloan ($$$$), Tuck ($$$)   [#permalink] 22 Dec 2018, 20:24
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Kellogg JD/MBA ($$$$), MIT Sloan ($$$$), Tuck ($$$)

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