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MIT Sloan ($$$) vs. Kellogg ($$$) vs. Haas ($$$)

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Where should I go?

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Joined: 24 Nov 2018
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Location: United States
Concentration: Technology, Marketing
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MIT Sloan ($$$) vs. Kellogg ($$$) vs. Haas ($$$)  [#permalink]

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New post Updated on: 19 Apr 2019, 04:45
Dear all,

I am fortunate to have been admitted to these three programs with significant scholarships:

MIT Sloan - 100k
Kellogg - 120k
Haas - 80k

However, I'm having a lot of trouble deciding. Unfortunately, Haas and Sloan have the same admit weekend dates. I've chosen to visit Sloan, but would still very much appreciate the opinion of this community. Kellogg's weekend isn't until the very end of April -- haven't decided yet whether to visit.

Here are the factors that matter to me:

All three of the offers are in a similar range. Sloan has the highest tuition cost, so I'd actually be paying more out of pocket at MIT than at Haas. Kellogg's offer is the most favorable, plus Evanston would have the lowest cost of living. Do you think there's an opportunity to negotiate at either Sloan or Haas?

I am interested in pursuing technology post-MBA (ideally PM). All three of these schools have amazing resources in this regard, but conventional wisdom says that Haas and Sloan are a step above Kellogg. I didn't list entrepreneurship as a post-MBA goal, but I'm also enticed by the startups and general sense of innovation at MIT.

General Management
While my post-MBA goal is tech, I do care about attending a program that provides ample opportunities for leadership development. Sloan's rank in "general management" (#16) is typically much lower than peer schools, which gives me pause. Is it really that much worse?

SO community
I am moving to business school with my significant other, and want to make sure there are opportunities for them to make friends and get involved on campus. Kellogg's JV community looks outstanding, but not sure if it's just truly better than the other schools' SO communities or if Kellogg just makes a bigger point of advertising it.

For better or for worse, I do want to consider the relative rankings of these schools. Within this community, Haas is usually seen as a tier below Kellogg/MIT -- but not sure if this holds for tech specifically. Among Kellogg and MIT, the MIT name is definitely appealing as well.

They all seem tight-knit and collaborative. Any clear advantages or disadvantages? I don't consider myself extroverted, but have been really touched by the warmth and personal touches from Kellogg so I wonder if I'm missing out on something special by not attending.

Please vote and comment with your thoughts :) Thanks so much!

Originally posted by maisy on 09 Apr 2019, 19:02.
Last edited by maisy on 19 Apr 2019, 04:45, edited 1 time in total.
Joined: 27 Feb 2018
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GMAT 2: 700 Q44 V41
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GPA: 3.25
WE: Consulting (Computer Software)
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Re: MIT Sloan ($$$) vs. Kellogg ($$$) vs. Haas ($$$)  [#permalink]

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New post 09 Apr 2019, 23:49
You're going to have to make tradeoffs here, you're not going to make a fully optimal decision in every category. You needing to stay in the same state makes Haas the best choice as the best Tech options are unanimously in CA. Kellogg would provide the best optionality and soft skills development and it's cheapest. MIT is the best brand and easily the best for entrepreneurship. I'd say MIT is the best for Tech, but in CA I'd honestly put Haas on the same level as recruiting will be so much easier there.

Talk to some students. PM does involve a certain degree of Marketing and Sloan is known more for operations. I spoke to a '17 Sloan alumni at my company after my interview and she said she didn't really know how well Sloan placed in PM. I was a bit concerned about that. Kellogg might actually be a decent choice here for PM (See Prof. Sawhney). Haas sends a ton of students to PM as they feed into the local Tech firms.

How are your prioritizing your criteria? How would you rank them?

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Joined: 09 Apr 2019
Posts: 2
Re: MIT Sloan ($$$) vs. Kellogg ($$$) vs. Haas ($$$)  [#permalink]

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New post 10 Apr 2019, 13:37
Congrats on getting into these top programs with $$$$

Honestly I think you should go with Sloan here. It is the best in Tech PM recruiting, look at its employment report and it is all there!
If you want exposure to entrepreneurship..... then it is even better! Lots of resources and a general innovative vibe across campus.
I wouldn't be worried on the General Mgmt ranking, that is the same ranking that places Babson #1 in Entrepreneurship (Really???). The US News discipline ranking is done by asking other B-school deans which school they think is the best in certain areas. So I would not read too much in to it (on the other hand, the normal US News MBA ranking is considered very robust and the most respected ranking). MIT has great leadership and general management classes, and if you are not satisfied, then just cross-register with HBS classes if you'd like (and expand your network even more).
Boston's tech scene is exploding right now, just look at all the developments in Kendall Square (right near MIT) with offices of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Hubspot, Toast, etc.
Sloan and Kellogg are both known to have the best cultures within the M7, more down to earth students etc.

Bottom-line: if you are serious about tech and have to go with MIT Sloan! Good Luck!
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Re: MIT Sloan ($$$) vs. Kellogg ($$$) vs. Haas ($$$)   [#permalink] 10 Apr 2019, 13:37
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MIT Sloan ($$$) vs. Kellogg ($$$) vs. Haas ($$$)

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