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Profile Evaluation

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Joined: 19 Jan 2019
Posts: 12
Location: United States
GMAT 1: 640 Q39 V39
Profile Evaluation  [#permalink]

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New post 26 Feb 2019, 14:58
Hello I am looking at applying to Business school this fall and wanted to see if my profile lined up with the schools I am looking at applying to.

GMAT: 640 (taking a course right now that guarantees 70 point increase so hopefully score will be 710+)
GPA: 3.0
Major: Marketing Management
Minor: Management
Native American wanting to apply through the Consortium
Schools applying to through the Consortium: Tuck, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Indiana, University of Texas
Others: Penn State

Work Experience
I work for a non profit that primarily works with college students. I develop students in leadership, character, and faith. I lead leadership studies for specific fraternities on campus for their top members challenging them and helping them make a positive impact on their organization. I also do consulting for the Executive board, observing there meetings, identifying potential problems, and coach them on communication, critical thinking, and offering solutions. I do one on one mentoring with leaders and provide coaching and training on decision making, character, and leadership. I coordinate a weekly meeting of 100-200 college students each week and speak at each weekly meeting. I also host our national conference where I am speaking to 5,000 college students in attendance with over 17,000 more watching online. Hosting includes introducing speakers, on stage interviews, and conveying information. I do a lot of public speaking where I develop and convey curriculum on recruiting, character, leadership, personal development and others. I fundraise for our non profit personally bringing in $75,000 annually and coach and provide training for a group of fundraisers that brings in a total amount of $350,000 annually. I have recently been promoted to oppositions director where I over see staff providing them with training and development, evaluating systems, and providing feedback. I have lead a team of 12 college students in an international cultural exchange to India and Taiwan for one summer. We were there to understand culture through surveys and experience another culture by building relationships with local college students who invited us into their home and took us to see historical monuments, temples ect..

I am interviewing with a non profit called SCORE that does consulting work for non profits and small start ups.

If you have any thoughts on where I am lacking or thinking I mention something that is not worth mentioning please provide feedback. Thank you!
MBA Admissions Consultant
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Joined: 25 Jan 2010
Posts: 1005
Re: Profile Evaluation  [#permalink]

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New post 26 Feb 2019, 22:27
Hi Cam,

Bottom line - aim higher.

If I were you, I'd actually be shooting a bit higher than the schools that you've listed ... If you can get break 700.

Now keep in mind, I don't have all the information I need to make a definitive assessment. But that won't stop me from trying! Ha.

Even though your GPA may be a little lower than the average at top b-schools, you may be graded on a curve if you can provide the admissions committee some more detail around how you have arrived at the point where you are today...

Hear me out.

Are you the first in your family to attend University? Are you among the first in your family to attend University? Under what circumstances did you grow up?

I ask because I've worked with clients who were card-carrying members of their respective nations. While my experience is anecdotal, the circumstances under which they grew up placed them at a distinct disadvantage because often had to overcome obstacles that would stymie others their age. In short, they demonstrated resilience and grit that top Business Schools look for as these are among the defining characteristics of a leader - ie who you need to be to get into a top 5 school. With me so far, Cam?

A lot of what you do for work now involves providing students greater opportunities - in one way or another. If you can connect that to your background, how you grew up and how you innately understand the value of opportunity (more than the next guy or gal) then you just may have a winning story for schools like Stanford and Harvard - ie programs that ask you "What matters most" or "Tell us anything we wouldn't know about you from the rest of your application?" In my experience, most applicants just don't have the authenticity and credibility that you may have. That I suspect you may have anyway. If you can translate that onto paper (your essay), then you just may have a winning application for a top-5 school.

So Cam, if you can get above 700, I would definitely encourage you to apply to schools like Harvard and Stanford. With respect to the rest of the schools that you have listed. I think Tuck is definitely a fine choice given what I "know" about your personal background and what you do for work. I would also take a closer look at Haas and MIT. I list these schools because (IMHO) they have a genuine commitment to bettering society and that's reflected in their curriculum. Just like it's reflected in your work.

Now with respect to never told me any. So let me give you some ideas. I would encourage you to focus on consulting. Tadaaa!
You may feel like that's a bit of a standard answer but I really feel that your leadership and your community involvement would be an asset to a certain type of firm. I think the MBBs would like a shot at you potentially, but I know firms such as Dahlberg and BridgeSpan would really want to have a look at your resume. So with respect to formulating goals, I would begin with that as a starting point.

I hope this helps let me know what other questions you have.

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Profile Evaluation

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