May 03, 2013

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Course e-GMAT Online 360

Instructor Krishna Chaitanya

Location Online

I gave my GMAT an year back and scored a decent 750 (Q50, V41). This course helped me improve from V32 to V41. I had read multiple books (Kaplan and MGMAT series) but could not push my mock scores beyond V32 - 60 percentile, clearly not acceptable. Desperate for improvement I looked for help. I found two companies that fit my budget – GMATPill and e-GMAT. After asking people around, I went for e-GMAT (thanks to Vinnik for recommendation). They teach SC using logic, something that came very intuitively to me. I knew most of the rules but was not aware of the logic behind those. Once you understand those, applying them became a lot easier. This helped me improve. SC became fun.

In CR, the Prethinking approach helped a lot in improving accuracy for more difficult questions.

Overall, the course gave me much more structured approach towards my prep. Overall, the course provided me with a lot more clarity. Check it out if you need help on Verbal.

Much easier and more effective than reading a book, I would recommend this course to those looking for serious improvement on verbal.

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