January 18, 2015

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Course e-GMAT Online 360

Instructor Krishna Chaitanya

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I took Verbal Online course from eGMAT which I upgraded to Verbal Online Prep after about 1 month.
I have had my priimary education in my Native language which is Bengali. Although I have worked for some big MNCs and had fairly good English speaking abilities but whenever it came to giving any English Proficiency exam I developed cold feet.
I had heard and read a lot about eGMAT courses but was doubtful that any course can improve my English. I bought Manhattan material and started preparing through it. The Quants section was good but when I started using its Verbal section, I could not concentrate and gave up easily.
At that point I realized that people like me cant improve their Verbal Section just by reading. I have always preferred a video as learning tool than pure reading.
This was the main reason which appealed me to go for eGMAT Online Prep. Within the very first days of going through its material I decided that I should upgrade my course to Verbal Live Prep. All the concepts covered are very clearly explained. I think the developers of its content have taken due care to address the main pitfalls which native students like me are most frequently face.
I hope any body who is struggling with their verbal, should not waste any more tme trying any other course other than eGMAT.
ALL the best to all my fellow GMAT aspirants!!

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