January 25, 2015

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Course e-GMAT Online 360

Instructor Krishna Chaitanya

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I started to depend on e-gmat verbal live course which was really invaluable. E-gmat has complemented its verbal live course with the math live course. I registered in one of the early released batches. It never disappointed me at all. The math course is directed to people who want to achieve 700+. The course is highly organized in categorized sectors. Each sector contains diagnostic quiz, explanation of the element and post quiz with high quality problems. The e-gmat teaches always proven path that I need to follow to answer the questions precisely. The live sessions are the real power and no one can ignore the highly sophisticated problems in each section. The e-gmat team provides supports through its forum where their experts can clarify ambiguous issues. Now I can study all my gmat from one source.
I’m going to have my exam after 2 months and I wish to score above 700. I wish that egmat could add Quant e-scholar to have high quality problem practice as the e-scholar verbal section.
I consider egmat my partner in my success to go to my dream school next year.

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