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E-GMAT Quant.way is the Highway


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Course e-GMAT Online 360

Instructor Rajat Sadana

Location Online

In a few days, I realized that these guys know what we non-natives require and where we non-natives lack .
Convinced, I immediately purchased both the Verbal and Quant. packages. Though e-gmat was frequently recommended for verbal but no so frequently for Quant.After, watching the session on number properties, I realized that I had not made a wrong decision.
I was lacking in many areas and Probability and Combinations seemed like very difficult topics.E-gmat concept files are so lucid and clear that after going through the concept files ,videos and exercises , I had all my fundamentals clear.
Number properties is a grey area and looking at OGs and forums, I realized that I need to tackle the beast before it gets the better of me.E-gmat files were again superb.
Sometimes I felt that the exercise questions were tougher than the actual GMAT OG questions .But, I guess it is always better to prepare for tough questions.I have even made notes about the concepts taught by e-gmat and the way e-gmat solved some of its own problems.
I do not know about others but I do know that e-gmat Quant has raised my Quant. standards so much so that OG questions look like a cake walk. I attempted the GMATCLub tests, which come as add on with the Quant. purchase, and I frequently score 49-51 on the GMATClub tests.On GMATPrep I scored 49 on test 2.
I am going to appear for GMAT this month and I hope that all the efforts pay off.
I will recommend EGmat Quant and Verbal for anyone looking to score over 700.

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