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Course e-GMAT Online 360

Instructor Krishna Chaitanya

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since I am from engineering background I thought that quant in gmat will be a cake walk for me.But situation was different.When I gave my first mock my quant score was Q42.It was way below my expectation.I searched a lot about where can I get good quant course.Trust me guys egmat quant live course is the best course I came across.The key features of the course is the method used to explain each and every topic is in very interactive manner.I never felt bored of any topic while studying from egmat.There is sectional topic wise quiz after each topic which helped me solidify the concepts.
The most important thing that had significant impact in my preparation was As an expert tool and live session.from doubts of other students I learned a lot.Whenever I had a doubt any topic I always got expert advice which helped me to clear my doubts.The quiz format for solving questions also give the ambience real test which helped me to improve timing.
The other high light , live session is a must attend for every student who is aiming a good quant score.In the live session they helped me solve the questions in a step by step aproach.which improved my accuracy tremendously.Also live sessions taught me the process to follow while solving 700 level approach.While attending live session I had experience of sitting in a classroom with other students.Thats how interactive it is.The scholaranium helped my findout my weakness and helped me to fine tune my preparation
After attending quant live course my quant score improved tremendously and it improved to 49.A big thanks to egmat for that.Egmat became my best friend during my gmat journey.
Egmat quant live course is a must for every gmat aspirant.I highly recommend it all the gmat aspirants.You will love the preparation once you start learning through Egmat.

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