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Where did I start? -When I decided I need to do MBA, the biggest challenge in front of me was GMAT. I am sure many of you must have faced the same situation. It was in June 2018 when I was thinking whether I should do MBA or not and I was extremely busy with 14 hour office and 1-2 hours studies as I was doing one year online executive education program. Adding to this, my wife is a working woman, we had to manage 2 year old son and we stay outside the home country.

GMAT Prep - Because of above mentioned reasons, I hardly got time to start preparing for GMAT and I took 15 days time to find the best and smart way to prepare for GMAT. After subscribing to several online free trials, I initially was about to proceed with X company but I attended one free live session conducted by Rajat Sadana from e-GMAT. I was impressed. I had limited time and too many choices. I thought I should take a start somewhere and finally purchased the e-GMAT Live Prep course.

During Preparation - Although I purchased I hardly could take time for my preparation. During the first 2 months, on an average I could not take more than 3 hours per week but thanks to recordings of every session. It was so comfortable to use the recordings of live sessions. A live session actually is a motivator. If you could not stick on to your schedule of preparation, live sessions actually helps you as intermediate milestones during the preparation and it happened with me. Later they also act as boosters to motivate self to move forward. As I picked momentum, I spent about 20 days to complete the 80% of preparation. As my conceptual clarity went up, I could solve questions easily.

Due to limited time, I could not spent time on official GMAT questions although e-GMAT provides reference to selected questions under each chapter. This costed me when I completed my course. My first ability test score in scholoranium on Number Properties was very bad. I had to really take couple of days off to focus only on NP and gain confidence. Once I got used to e-GMAT style, it was very easy for other chapters such as Algebra, word problems.

As I was preparing, I kept maintaining a small hand book capturing all key concepts in one line and used that to revise as and when I had free time, especially when I was preparing for my verbal course.

Conclusion - I realized that subscribing to e-GMAT course was the best move I took as part of my preparation and I scored 50 in Quant. Overall, the way course is designed is simply amazing. One can definitely get good results from Quant course but Quant live sessions act as a booster to speed up preparation and encourages to stay focused.

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