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Chris Gentry made the difference


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Course Manhattan Prep Manhattan GMAT Private Tutoring

Instructor Chris Gentry

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I began my GMAT studying in May 2020. After 2 test attempts, my highest score was a 640 and I felt like I had hit a plateau. In the past, I've always pushed through this kind of test roadblock, but this time was different. This time I needed help.

After some research, I chose Manhattan Prep and was paired with Chris Gentry. It's been incredible to work with someone as talented as Chris throughout my GMAT studying process. In addition to being really smart and skilled at the GMAT, Chris also has a great personality. But above all else, I've really appreciated Chris's flexibility and understanding. I always felt like Chris catered his lessons and plans to my strengths and tendencies, which allowed me to succeed in ways I could have never done myself.

After 4 months of prep, I was able to push through the plateau and score a 710. However, my time with Chris didn't end there. I also had plans to take the LSAT, and Chris again put me in the best position to succeed.

To master any standardized test is tough, even for the best test takers. But how hard is it to master two standardized tests, especially when they are applicable to separate fields? The obvious answer is really hard, but Chris was more than up to the task. With his help I walked into the 2021 October LSAT (just 4 months removed from my 710 GMAT) with more confidence than I could have ever imagined. While I won't know my LSAT score for a couple of weeks, I've seen success on a few practice test and feel confident that Chris has made the difference for me, again.

It should come then as no surprise that I heavily recommend having lessons with Chris, so that he can make the difference for you too!

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