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LBS/MIT/OXF offers R1 Vs Stanford R2

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Which choice R1? And should I apply at Stanford R2

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  • 41% [7]
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Current Student
Joined: 14 May 2017
Posts: 9
Location: United Kingdom
Concentration: Strategy, Entrepreneurship
GMAT 1: 740 Q47 V44
GPA: 3.2
WE: Military Officer (Military & Defense)
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LBS/MIT/OXF offers R1 Vs Stanford R2  [#permalink]

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New post 23 Dec 2017, 12:17
Hi everyone,

Situation: I'm in the fortunate position of being admitted to London, MIT and Oxfords MBA programs next year. I'm trying to figure out how these programs compare, where I should place my money and finally whether or not I should put in a Round 2 application to Stanford.


-The UK based Army officer who wants to move into management consultancy focussed on strategy and business development within the tech and social impact sectors.
I'm keen to look at a career in the tech world while on the MBA but wouldn't consider leaving Europe permanently unless I was working on the west coast (I've been cold enough in the army)
-I have decent GMAT but nothing stellar
-Ive also got a poor grade in my undergraduate MEng degree 2ii that I'm trying to offset

Current feelings

MIT Sloan
+Brand is insanely strong
+Great adventure
+Culture: Sloanies are all great to talk to
+everyone wants to do good

-a bit too quanty or stiff sometimes
-harder to get a Job in the UK
-cost of attendance is £60k greater than LBS

+real quick(1 year)
+amazing brand (outside of business circles)
+social impact bias

-harder to target top tier firms
-smaller network
-not as competitive

+awesome school and culture
+syllabus can be tailored to my interests
+Home country will make it convenient
+amazing Career services
-Not really known outside of the MBA world
-No access to US jobs

+pretty much has all the good bits from all the above
+opens up Tech network and west coast

-more expensive than Sloan
-may not get in (Sunken costs)

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Current Student
Joined: 12 Jul 2017
Posts: 27
Concentration: General Management, Social Entrepreneurship
LBS/MIT/OXF offers R1 Vs Stanford R2  [#permalink]

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New post 23 Dec 2017, 12:38
Great news! Congrats on the admits!!!

Must be a challenging decision to make, but a few thoughts:

1) one-year vs. two-year? this makes a huge difference in terms of cost, time, and experience. unless you really want the savings a 1 year would offer, i would drop Oxford. If it's the opposite and you really want a 1Y program, you should apply to more European 1Y programs in upcoming rounds.

2) where do you want to live immediately post-MBA? after your first 3-5 years post-MBA, the brand name of any of these schools will help in either US or UK. LBS is pretty unknown in the states, but probably not in the careers you're targeting. It could be an interesting differentiator. The differences really are on-campus recruiting and then where the alumni networks of these schools are concentrated. MIT is highly international so I wouldn't worry about not having enough alumni in the UK, although of course it would be less. It could be an interesting differentiator though. Sometimes it's nice to have a different background to the majority of people you're up against.

3) culture & social opportunities. If you end up comparing LBS to the American 2Y programs, I should emphasize that LBS can have more of a "commuter" feel whereas American programs tend to be really strong on community with everyone living on campus or immediately close by.

4) apply to Stanford regardless and put down a deposit at your top choice. $300 in the long run is nothing. unless you don't feel strongly enough about the program, in which case why bother?

My own bias would be MIT, because you'll have the best of both worlds: access to consulting and tech. The weather in Boston isn't so bad, it's a beautiful city, and there's tons of social opportunities for young people. If you haven't visited Boston and Cambridge, I highly recommend spending a few days here before making your decision!
Current Student
Joined: 15 Jan 2017
Posts: 23
Location: Australia
GMAT 1: 740 Q50 V39
GPA: 4
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Re: LBS/MIT/OXF offers R1 Vs Stanford R2  [#permalink]

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New post 03 Jan 2018, 01:25
I would drop Oxford from the list, it's not a target school for MBB. Oxbridge is well know for lay-man, but their MBA won't impress MBB (I've spoken to alumni from Oxford before).

Difference in attendance cost of MIT and LBS is significant, but if you score a job in the US after MBA, then it'll pay off real fast (assuming GBP is still low and USD is high). If you're into tech then MIT is a better fit than LBS. Generally MBA degree is worth less in the UK compared to US (look at LBS stats, only 10% of their students are UK local), so factor that in your consideration.

I reckon what you can do now is to put down deposit on either LBS/MIT, and apply for Standford in R2. Chance of getting in at Standford is less than 10%, so won't be too hopeful (but if you don't shoot for it, you never know).

It's also worth calling up alumni from LBS/MIT and ask them about their experiences.
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Re: LBS/MIT/OXF offers R1 Vs Stanford R2   [#permalink] 03 Jan 2018, 01:25
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LBS/MIT/OXF offers R1 Vs Stanford R2

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