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Math Revolution The one-and-only World’s First revolutionary math approach

Math Revolution Your Total Savings up to


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Welcome to the World’s Most Revolutionary approach to the GMAT Math exam that’s for Everyone, Especially Non-engineering majors!

This is your chance to score an excellent Q49-51 just like 90% of our students. Just use our unique, never-seen-before approach! Your current math level doesn’t matter - use our unique, never-seen-before approach and you can succeed with us too. 

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Math Revolution GMAT Prep Key Features


The one-and-only World’s First Variable Approach for DS and IVY Approach for PS that allow anyone to easily solve GMAT math questions.

The easy-to-use solutions. Math skills are totally irrelevant. Forget conventional
ways of solving math

The most effective time management for GMAT math to date allowing you to solve 37 questions with 10 minutes to spare.

GMAT Math SHORT- CUT that contains detailed theories and explanations on World's first Variable approach methods for DS (Data Sufficiency) and IVY approach methods for PS (Problem Solving).

Promise at least 45 points and 49-51 is also doable.

Guarantee the Highest Score incomparable to other companies!

  • Lower than 45 point → Guarantee +5 points
  • Higher than 45 point → Guarantee a score of 50 on Math

The perfect match with the most updated current GMAT math trends.

Money Back Guarantee.

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All-In-One 51
Aiming for a score of

$79 (3 month) / $99 (6 month)

A complete guide to hit 49-51

Over 2,400 practice questions

Over 75 hours lessons

Provide "Special Question Pack" (over 150 questions) to practice prior to the exam

Highest Score Guarantee (+5 points)

7-day money back guarantee


All-In-One 51 Premium
Aiming for a score of

$149 (6 month)

A complete guide to hit 49-51

Over 2,400 practice questions

Over 75 hours of lessons

700+ Level Questions (3 month, 150 questions)

Daily Quiz (2 month, 5 questions per day)

Provide "Special Question Pack" (over 150 questions) to practice prior to the exam

Highest Score Guarantee (+5 points)

7-day money back guarantee


Best course with the most competitive price!

Private Tutoring
Minimum score guarantee of 45 to 50 on Math.
Please note that 90% of our students hit 49 and above.

The lowest price in the market ($80 per hour)

3-month full access to Math Revolution courses and materials

Individual study plan based on a diagnostic test

Personalized and best suited curriculum, schedule, and guidance

Perfect assistance that helps students master All-In-One 51 course (Over 2,400 questions).

$150 worth extra 1,100 practice questions are additionally provided exclusively for tutoring students

$88 worth question bank packs (700+ level questions + 2-month Daily Quiz)

$250 worth GMAT Club Tests are included if you are a member of GMAT Club.


Daily Quiz
Spare 15 mins to study each day for significant improvement in GMAT Math!

Receive 5 "Up-To-Date" math questions ​and solutions everyday through e-mail

Take 15 minutes to solve them during lunch, your break or free time

Your math score will skyrocket.

1-month subscription (20 days, M-F):  $49  → $29

2-month subscription (40​ ​days, M-F):  $69  → $49

Rather than studying intensely in a short period of time, spending a certain amount of time each day to study is much more effective to improve math skills


700+ Level Questions
Math Revolution's incomparable 700+ Level Questions! Practice and be confident in getting Q51.

It consists of ​"​up-to-date questions​"​ that appear most frequently on the exam.

Through DS​ and ​PS categories​ and their sub-categories by chapter​, you can solve the parts where you need practice or you need to improve on

F​or DS, perfect solutions based on ​"Common Mistake Type 3, 4​"​ which most frequently appears ​and determines a sc​ore of 50-51.

For PS, ​"​pigeonhole principles​"​ and ​"minimum logic concept questions​" are provided for a sc​ore of 50-51.

Provide key questions including integer, statistics, inequality, absolute value, and probability​ that account for 80% of GMAT questions.

100 questions:  $49  → $29

150 questions:  $59  → $39


Math Revolution Success Stories

Thank you Mr. Lee. ultra716

If you've taken Prep of GMAT and read any other material without Math revolution, I could be stupid behavior for taking your satisfied score as soon as possible. I think the Math revolution is a catalyst to go to TOP school, because I guarantee that you can get higher than 50 score in GMAT math section right after math revolution online courses. In my case, since he helped me to remove the fear of math, I could take the test easily.

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New World to the Math etudiant

When it comes to math, Max makes an emphasis on the principle of “SDH.” S stands for slow, D for detail and H for hands. When you solve math problems, you should solve the problem slowly by thinking a lot, write solutions in detail and use your hands instead of brain. If you prepare for the GMAT math with Max according to his advice and methods, I think you can easily get at a score of 50 or 51.

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Perfect for 51 hcha

While I was struggling with the score, I heard this course from one of my friends who had had same situation but overcame with this course. The method Mr Lee uses is new and something like a magic to me! It solved long lasting headache I had had from GMAT quant. It was my perfect choice. I got the score 51! I will recommend this course to all GMATer.

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Total Savings
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