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Requesting Profile Evaluation and answers to some questions

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Joined: 17 Mar 2014
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Location: United States
Concentration: Entrepreneurship, Leadership
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Requesting Profile Evaluation and answers to some questions  [#permalink]

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New post 15 Dec 2017, 10:41
For me, MBA would be a great addition for personal and professional growth. However, I still find myself struggling with part time and full time. Currently working and can go for full time, probably work on campus, hopefully get some assistantships, plus have some saved dollars. Full time would give me a full fledged school experience - which I would love to have. Never studied in a US university and I want to get the most of it, along with studies enjoy school life because there are lot of activities schools offer.

Part time MBA - I was thinking, I would get into a good school's part time MBA program, if full time is hard to get into. But, I feel I should have a competitive profile for full time MBA as well?? I want to get it from a reputed institute, because I feel that will be best for my lifetime goals.

I looked at several programs and I mostly prefer the ones that are more general management centric, rather than having finance or entrepreneurship track. I feel MBA should cultivate a leader who could take on any challenge. Plus, I am looking for different experiences as my lifetime goal.

My questions -
- What should be the first step a person should take - when starting MBA journey? Do we look at target schools first? Target Programs?
- Part time/ Full time/ Executive MBA -> What to go for when you want to get most out of MBA? When you are looking for a good class room experience, collaboration, participation in school activities? If you are looking for scholarship as well.
- Should you visit one of the target school and ask them about the differences between the part time/ executive/ full time experience and their several programs? talk to students - answer is yes.
- It also depends on what stage of career you are in?
- Schools also look at the company you are working at?
- How can you strengthen my profile apart from your career.

My profile -

I have never been too career focused, but have had a good career so far (hope so)
Undergrad in India from descent university (scored first division, 67.9%), Campus placement - Tata Consultancy
Worked for Tata Consultancy in Mumbai for 2 years, left the job for work opportunity in the US, since then Consulting with various clients in Boston.

I have had a progressive career in Tata - promoted to module lead, client coordinator, received technical excellence award, performance engg certification.
After coming to US, worked as Analyst for a while for few clients and then switched to senior project and program management, enterprise test strategist roles. Working with Directors and CIO level folks. Managed off shore work. Involved in vendor finalization, contract negotiations, managing team work, resource and finance portfolio planning.

Currently working for a big pharma firm and have had an instrumental experience from learning standpoint.

Age - 32, Indian Female, IT Manager (active role), planning to apply in a year or so. In workforce since 2006 (after undergrad)

I gave first attempt at GMAT 590. Good in Maths, but slow in reading, thus Verbal has been a challenge. But, I definitely plan to improve on it. After some CR prep, I scored (around 650 in MGMAT) and overall saw improvement.

With 590 score, Verbal - 23 / 32%, Quant - 48 / 74%, Overall - 590 / 58%, AWA - 5.5 / 81%, IR - 6 / 67%

Entrepreneurship - I have some entrepreneurship experience as well in North America. Involved in a start up, created music videos for companies and acquired some descent clients (4-5 videos total as of now, not a lot of earning 2000-4500 per video) but other than man hours, very less investment (2 active folks in the company including me). Was involved in directly speaking with client coordinators, marketing experts, C level folks - depending upon the company.

Rights - Also created a video demonstrating harassment, bullying that people go through. Marketed that video to rights groups. Video for increasing awareness.

I am Indian citizen, currently working in US on work visa. I definitely see myself progressing and doing more than being in corporate field - serving people because I am passionate about it. I never had any such experience so far with WHO, UNICEF etc.

Being in India I was involved with a reputed management association, did some volunteer work in education. But sometimes you are limited with work, study, etc.

would like to know how I can improve my profile? And is this profile a good fit for top institutions - HBS, Wharton? I don't have certificates or work experience letters for volunteer experience. I am definitely aiming HAAS, but wanted to know about other top schools. Will improve on my GMAT.

I applied to EWMBA program of HAAS and FEMBA of UCLA - got interview invites for both and was shortlisted for HAAS or both the schools. I applied in Round 3 of HAAS - definitely not the best thing I did, it could have contributed to the decision and Round 2 for UCLA. The feedback HAAS gave was related to my GMAT score. I received good recommendations and they did mention that and also were very happy with the interview. I work as a consultant for client, so I am not receiving any school sponsorship. Do I have a good shot at full time MBA programs?

would part time MBA program offer me a good experience as well? along with work. which other schools should be good candidates - looking for same culture as HAAS and a general management degree or more focused towards leadership.
KUDOS!!!, I need them too :)
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Joined: 25 Jul 2017
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Location: United States (NY)
Concentration: Finance, Technology
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Requesting Profile Evaluation and answers to some questions  [#permalink]

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New post 15 Dec 2017, 11:08
Thanks for all the details, it's a very comprehensive post.

My 2 cents:

1- When it comes to program selection, I think you should
>> Start with your goal. What you want to accomplish/get with an MBA. Advance in your career? => ExMBA could be enough. Explore a new one? Full-time MBA is best.
>> Then look at the matching programs. Here you may want to consider different factors: campus location, class size, typical opportunities post MBA
>> Assess your competitiveness for those programs and create your shortlist. I think a minimum of 5 programs is safe if you look at top10 - top20 schools

2- When it comes to your chances, I see different factors
>> How do your test scores compare to other candidates in your target schools? The further you are from a school average GPA or average GMAT scores, the lower your chances. There are exceptions obviously, hence the score ranges, but you don't want to rely on that. For more info, ... s-schools/
>> How does your profile (age, demographic, career) compares to other similar candidates? It is known that universities try to create diverse classrooms. And if they don't want to have 400 students with consulting background interested in doing consulting, they may define a ceiling. Same goes for other attributes.

3. If you want to apply next year, you have time to improve
>> The GMAT. I think you should try to improve your score. I have used and I recommend You could also try, my second choice.
>> Your community involvement. All schools want students who can get involved on campus and in the alumni community post-MBA. Your best way to show you can add value to their community is to demonstrate involvement in volunteering activities. You can start right now if you feel weak in this area.

4. Feel free to contact an admission consultant for a 1-2-1 session, most of them would offer a first consultation free of charge.

Best of luck!
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Requesting Profile Evaluation and answers to some questions   [#permalink] 15 Dec 2017, 11:08
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Requesting Profile Evaluation and answers to some questions

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