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Berkeley Haas vs. Columbia Business School

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Berkeley Haas vs Columbia Business School

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Joined: 27 Mar 2020
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Berkeley Haas vs. Columbia Business School  [#permalink]

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New post 27 Mar 2020, 08:48
I am 99% sure I’m picking Haas (full scholarship), but I would love feedback if possible on the name brand and national alumni network of Haas vs. CBS. I have listed my own pros/cons here. I have concerns that Haas isn’t known as a top ranked school even though it’s higher ranked than Columbia right now, but b/c it isn’t an ivy league does the brand carry (it wasn't an original M7) Also if I do move, will the brand carry to other parts of the country (I know it does globally and I know my first few jobs post-MBA will matter more). Technically both schools are considered Tier 2 under Wharton, Harvard, Stanford.

I’m thinking about this question hypothetically if Columbia turned around and gave me a solid amount of money, which I’m not sure what the odds of that are (I'm submitting the financial aid app and could tell them I have a full ride at Haas if I decide I want to go there).

In your response if you could tell me your background / what informs your decisions that’d be so helpful so I can understand what folks of different backgrounds think!

What I want to do: work for a health tech company specific to improving provider services / access to care. I then want to create my own digital health company or mental health urgent care specific to mental health. I see myself living in SoCal or Austin, TX longterm.
My stats: Columbia Undergrad and worked in Management Consulting for Pharma and Biotech pre-MBA.

Notes: I also got into USC Marshall, UVA Darden, UT Austin, waitlisted at UCLA (denied: Stanford, Wharton, Yale)
My stats: GRE: 160V/157Q; 25 years old; Columbia University Undergrad; 3.6 GPA

Berkeley Haas: Consortium Full Scholarship and Forte Designation; waiting on Brian Maxwell Fellowship
- Huge in technology and healthcare
- Higher post-MBA salaries in healthcare
- Largely well-known
- Small class size (could be a pro or a con)
- UC Berkeley overall alumni network and access to resources
- Cultural fit
- West coast (where I think I’ll end up)
- Better lifestyle in terms of access to nature
- Better weather (shouldn’t be a consideration, but is)
- Because it’s not an ivy, less assumption of stuck-up-ness
- Entrepreneurship resources are huge / access to silicon valley
- Higher immediate post-MBA salary for healthcare
- Isn’t an ivy league – maybe doesn’t carry the brand as well?
- Haas alumni network maybe not as big
- If I ever have to move to the east coast for some reason, would the brand carry?
- Alumni tend to stay in the Bay in the immediate and it can be a regional school in many instances
- Harder to get funding for club activities b/c it’s a public school

Columbia Business School (applying to financial aid, unsure how much I’d get / could negotiate with my Haas full ride if I feel I should go here)
- Ivy League / brand – people know it’s a top school whereas sometimes they don’t with Haas
- Bigger class size
- Larger alumni network
- Although smaller percent go into healthcare and tech because larger class size it’s more people overall
- Robust healthcare club with ample funding for conferences, workshops, etc.
- NYC tech is probably #2 to Silicon Valley
- NYC – I disliked living there post-undergrad and don’t want to build my long-term network there at this time
- Healthcare leans towards pharma although they are trying to go towards tech
- Feels very stuffy, not as warm (but I’m not positive on this one)
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Re: Berkeley Haas vs. Columbia Business School  [#permalink]

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New post 29 Mar 2020, 20:53
Congrats on your admits. Sorry I have missed your post.

I agree with you in terms of your analysis. In addition, you have gone to Columbia for undergrad - it makes sense to explore another program and since you did not particularly love New York, makes sense to move on. Berkeley has a strong name and while it is a west-coast school that has a reputation and weight mostly on west coast (I think east coasters think of hippies when they hear Berkeley but who cares?). I think it makes sense to expand your network since your Columbia undergrad will carry you should you go back to the city later.

Nobody cares about Ivy for MBA. There is an M7 and there is a Top 10, Top 20, etc but Cornell or Johnson is not quite in the same league as Kellogg for example so I would not worry about it.

I feel the scholarship is more important for your situation as it allows you flexibility and freedom to potentially try or start something without a $200K burden and student loan bill. Whether you start your own company right after school/during school or a few years later, it is helpful not to have a big bill when you are in a startup mode.

P.S. One of the reasons Alums tend to stay in Bay Area is the quality of life (to some extent), sun, and opportunities. It is a regional school but I feel the reason is different than for UNC or McCombs for example. Haas/Berkeley has a name that's well-known and regarded. It is not Stanford but neither is Columbia.

Something to point out, Haas has a smaller class size. I think about half of CBS which makes a bit of a difference. On one hand, it impacts on-campus recruiting as fewer companies come to campus (general trend for west-coast schools) which makes their career services have to work a lot harder and students network more. Other than that, I feel smaller programs have their charm - you get to know folks but it is still a pretty large community, so I would have no qualms about joining Haas.

Good luck!
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Re: Berkeley Haas vs. Columbia Business School   [#permalink] 29 Mar 2020, 20:53

Berkeley Haas vs. Columbia Business School

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