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Hass PT VS Booth PT

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Joined: 24 May 2020
Posts: 2
Hass PT VS Booth PT  [#permalink]

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New post 24 May 2020, 16:57
Hi Guys,

Looking for advice on whether I should go to Part time Haas or PT Booth MBA. Was very fortunate to get into both programs but having a really hard time which one I want to join. A little background is I am 28 years old and when I start the program will be 29 years with 5 years of experience. I have 4 years working experience working for a large semiconductor company and currently working at one of the big five tech companies for software. Currently a finance manager and I want to stay in corporate finance/strategy within the tech industry. I have bachelors in entrepreneurship/ finance, masters from Northwestern in Data Science, and a CMA. Long term I want to stay on the west coast most likely in SF or LA. After 2 years of the program when I am 31 looking to potentially move companies in tech field as a senior manger.

The issue I am having is it seems like it is a no brainer and I am over thinking it that I should go to Haas. My debate is I don’t want to be at a disadvantage against someone from Stanford or Wharton later in my career at the VP level. If I went to booth for finance that’s at least the 2nd best finance mba and top 4 mba no doubt which will keep me competitive against Stanford, Harvard, Wharton alumni. Or is ratings way overblown and over marketed and I am thinking way to much into booths 2nd best finance concentration and brand name. Also will I stand out later in my career if I most people in high level tech as haas backgrounds / where I could get booth mba which is higher ranked for the concentration I want to do.

The pros and cons of both schools I made was here:

Booth pros
- top 4 mba reputation and top 3 last five years trend is the school is getting better and staying in the top 5 (considered right below Stanford, Wharton, Harvard / can interchange with one of the three but better than northwestern, mit, Columbia, berkley)
- More recognized at elite especially back east but also nationwide
- School is private and will invest money to keep ranking high where berkley is public and will most like not break into the top 5 Top 2 in finance which is what I’m going into
- Getting same education as top program
- Potentially later in life makes me as competitive as someone that went to Wharton, Harvard, Stanford

- part time may be looked down upon by full time
-Not on the same campus as full time students
- Harder to go to campus events during the week 5 hour flight vs 2 to Haas
- Connections are not mostly in tech
- Connections may be mostly back East
- Don’t know how good the career service is
- Do tech companies care if you went to booth or berkley that much
-Alumni network is ranked 23rd compared to 13th for haas maybe showing alumni really don't help you after college it's more the name
networking and club involvement will be extremely difficult if you are flying in and out every weekend
-Students culture may be more cut throat
- Does alumni rely on the school name for jobs rather than alumni

Haas pros
-top 10 b school and considered 2nd best on west coast
-Most of class will be in tech making good connections
-School treats program like full time more respect
-Companies connections are in sf which is where I wanna work
-Travel time is much more doable if I am in la, sf, oregon, Washington only 2 hours
-Have the potential to go to career events during the week if I wanted to take the day off it’s a far flight

-not top 5 b school
-Is is considered second rate by Stanford
-Will it be looked down that it’s not too 5 when I get to Vp level?
-May not be country wide recognized may limit me to working only in west coast
-Will I not stand out in tech companies if everyone is top talent and most have MBAs from berkley and the standouts are from top 4 MBAs? Comparing to everyone having USC or UCLA mbas in entertainment; great connections to help land a job but does not stand out among the pack that have them

Sorry that was a lot but would love any and all advice about which option I should lean toward. Thank you so much!
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Hass PT VS Booth PT  [#permalink]

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New post 25 May 2020, 10:46
Congrats on your admits and welcome to GMAT Club!

We just had a similar discussion with one of your future potential classmates ... 24474.html

5 hours from Booth and 2 hours from Haas - you must be in Seattle or San Diego....

The quick answer is since you are focusing on Tech and are a lot closer to Bay Area than Chicago, it makes sense to stick with Haas. I don't think you will lose out all that much going to Haas vs some of the incremental ranking benefits from Booth. Though I have to say that Haas does not quite have as much on campus recruiting and unless it has changed, Haas does not welcome students to the recruiting events. Did you get a different perspective about recruiting event inclusion from your conversations?
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Re: Hass PT VS Booth PT  [#permalink]

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New post 25 May 2020, 14:31
If recruiting works out, imo, it's a no-brainer. Pick Haas.

By the time you're looking to switch, your reputation and performance will be the dominant driver.

Real opportunities come with competence and hustle ... no matter where you get your MBA.

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Hass PT VS Booth PT  [#permalink]

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New post Updated on: 25 May 2020, 18:15
Correct me if I am wrong, but I feel like OP is probably less inclined to use OCR given he is already a finance manager working in big tech. Would you all agree? If so, OPs current profile + MBA (at Haas or Booth) should get the job done in terms of landing a Sr. Finance Manager role in the future.

I agree that Booth is stronger brand in finance and overall. However, given your preference to stay in tech and on the West Coast I would lean more towards Haas. I think you will get a lot more out of your experience with the shorter commute and w/o dealing with the time change.

In terms of goals, Haas brand will probably open more doors to achieve your short-term goal given the larger network on the West Coast. Not sure how much Booth vs Haas brand will impact your odds on reaching the c-suite long-term though. I would imagine performance is given the most weight at that level, but that is just my opinion.

Originally posted by BiotechGuy on 25 May 2020, 15:02.
Last edited by BiotechGuy on 25 May 2020, 18:15, edited 1 time in total.
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Hass PT VS Booth PT  [#permalink]

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New post 25 May 2020, 17:54
i heard they really treat Booth PT students like garbage, so i voted for Haas

EDIT: there is no poll option
Joined: 24 May 2020
Posts: 2
Re: Hass PT VS Booth PT  [#permalink]

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New post 25 May 2020, 18:09
Thank you for all your replies and referring to BB's question I really enjoyed the meetings I had with Haas and I can do recruiting they said after a year of the PT program. Currently in Seattle so it would be about a 2 hour flight which isn't too bad.

Regenerate - Think I agree with you I was probably just second guessing and looking way to much into the ranking system. Was concerned that you may need a top 3/4 mba to get to the higher levels (even though its not solely based on that but I thought it might be factor/ Wasn't sure)

BioTechGuy- Appreciate your insights and I think you are right as well. Haas may be the best fit for the long term goals and get the job done for what I was looking for.

ANALysis- That was also a concern of mine. I have heard that Booth PT students are not treated as favorable and with a lot of respect by full time students. I also would have a harder time connecting to them due to the travel constraint and being so far away. Also most of them may be staying in the mid west while I prefer to stay in California or Seattle.
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Re: Hass PT VS Booth PT   [#permalink] 25 May 2020, 18:09

Hass PT VS Booth PT

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