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The Official Guide for GMAT © Quantitative Review 2020

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The Official Guide for GMAT © Quantitative Review 2020  [#permalink]

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New questions are highlighted.

Problem Solving
#IDDifficultyPrimary CategoryQuestion Text
1PSEasyWork/Rate ProblemsWorking at a constant rate a copy machine makes 20 copies of a one pa
2PSEasyAlgebraIf x y 2 and x 2 y 2 2 what is the value of xy
3PSEasyArithmeticThe sum s of the first n consecutive positive even integers is given
4PSEasyGraphs and Illustrations/Word ProblA certain harbor has docking stations along its west and south docks
6PSEasyArithmeticPoints a b c and d in that order lie on a line if ab 3 cm ac
7PSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of x 2yz xyz 2 if x 2 y 1 and z
8PSEasyWord ProblemsA souvenir vendor purchased 1 000 shirts for a special event at a pric
9PSEasyInequalitiesIf x y and y z which of the following represents the greatest num
10PSEasyWord ProblemsTo order certain plants from a catalog it costs 3 00 per plant
11PSEasyWord ProblemsA rug manufacturer produces rugs at a cost of 75 per rug what is the
12PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsThe value of maureen s investment portfolio has decreased by 5 8 perce
13PSEasyWord ProblemsCompany c produces toy trucks at a cost of 5 00 each for the first
14PSEasyWords ProblemsThe annual profit or loss for the three divisions of company t for the
15PSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf the following which is least
16PSEasyArithmeticIf the average arithmetic mean of 5 numbers j j 5 2j 1 4j
17PSEasyGeometryGuadalupe owns 2 rectangular tracts of land one is 300 m by 500 m and
18PSEasyAlgebra/Word ProblemsThere are five sales agents in a certain real estate office one month
19PSEasyAlgebra/Word ProblemsIn a field day at a school each child who competed in n events and sc
20PSEasyWork/Rate ProblemsA certain work plan for september requires that a work team working
21PSEasyWord ProblemsA company sells radios for 15 00 each it costs the company 14 00 pe
22PSEasyArithmeticWhich of the following represent positive numbers
23PSEasyGeometryPoint x lies on side bc of rectangle abcd which has length 12 and wid
24PSEasyMixture ProblemsA grocer has 400 pounds of coffee in stock 20 percent
25PSEasyWord ProblemsThe toll t in dollars for a truck using a certain bridge is given by
26PSEasyAlgebraFor what value of x between 4 and 4 inclusive is the value of x
27PSEasyAlgebraIf x 5 8 and y 1 2 what is the value of the expression 2x y
28PSEasyAlgebraIf x y r and xy s then x 2 y
29PSMediumMust or Could be True Questions/RemFor positive integers a and b the remainder when a is divided by b is
30PSEasyDivisibility/Multiples/Factors/StatList s consists of the positive integers that are multiples of 9 and
31PSEasyArithmeticA rope 20 6 meters long is cut into two pieces
32PSEasyMust or Could be True Questions/NumIf x and y are integers and x y is odd which of the following must
33PSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsOn monday the opening price of a certain stock was 100 per share and
34PSEasyCoordinate GeometryIn the rectangular coordinate system shown above points o p and q r
35PSEasyGeometryWhat is the perimeter in meters of a rectangular garden 6 meters
37PSEasyAbsolute Values/Modulus/Arithmetic
38PSEasyWord ProblemsIf the total amount that jill spent on a shopping trip excluding taxe
39PSEasyInequalitiesHow many integers x satisfy both 2 x 4 and 0 x
40PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsAt the opening of a trading day at a certain stock exchange the price
41PSEasyAlgebra/Word ProblemsAs shown in the diagram above a lever resting on a fulcrum has weight
42PSMediumAlgebra/Exponents/PowersIf r and s are positive integers such that 2 r 4 s 16 then 2r
43PSEasyWord ProblemsThree people each contributed x dollars toward the purchase of a car
44PSEasyWord ProblemsLast week jack worked 70 hours and earned 1 260 if he earned his re
45PSEasyExponents/PowersIf a and b are positive integers and 2 a b 23 what is the value
46PSMediumWork/Rate ProblemsFive machines at a certain factory operate at the same constant rate
47PSHardWord ProblemsA certain toll station on a highway has 7 tollbooths and each tollboo
48PSHardNumber Properties/Divisibility/MultHow many integers between 1 and 16 inclusive have exactly 3 differen
49PSEasyFractions/Ratios/Decimals/Mixture PStephanie has 9 4 cups of milk on hand and makes 2 batches of cookies
50PSEasyAlgebraThe expression n is defined as the product of the integers from 1 thr
51PSMediumFractions/Ratios/DecimalsA school club plans to package and sell dried fruit to raise money th
52PSMediumWord ProblemsA nursery sells fruit trees priced as shown in the chart above in its
53PSMediumDistance/Rate ProblemsA certain bridge is 4 024 feet long approximately how many minutes
54PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsThe annual interest rate earned by an investment increased by 10 perce
55PSMediumFractions/Ratios/Decimals/PercentsA total of 5 liters of gasoline is to be poured into two empty contain
56PSEasyAlgebraWhat is the larger of the 2 solutions of the equation x 2 4x
57PSMediumArithmetic9 897 0 0096 198 76 is approximately
58PSEasyGeometryIf a square region has area n what is the length of the dia
59PSEasyNumber PropertiesThe prime sum of an integer n greater than 1 is the sum of
60PSMediumPercents and Interest Problems/WordA machine at a toy factory assembles a certain kind of toy at a co
61PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsWhen a subscription to a new magazine was purchased for m months the
62PSEasyWord ProblemsAt a garage sale all of the prices of the items sold were d
63PSMediumWord ProblemsHalf of a large pizza is cut into 4 equal sized pieces and the other
64PSMediumAlgebra/ArithmeticIf a 1 1 4 1 16 1 64 and b 1 1 4a then what is the value
65PSMediumArithmetic/Word ProblemsIn a certain learning experiment each participant had three trials an
66PSEasyRemainders/Functions and Custom ChaOr all positive integers m and v the expression m v represents the
67PSMediumGraphs and Illustrations/Word ProblThe chart above shows year end values for darnella s investments for
68PSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf the sum of the reciprocals of two consecutive odd integers
69PSEasyNumber Properties/ArithmeticWhat is the sum of odd integers from 35 to 85 inclusive
70PSMediumFractions/Ratios/Decimals/InequalitIn a certain sequence each term after the first term is one half the
71PSMediumWord Problems/Statistics and Sets PA certain drive in movie theater has total of 17 rows of parking space
72PSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsAda and paul received their scores on three tests on the fi
73PSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsThe price of a certain stock increased by 0 25 of 1 percent on a
74PSHardWord ProblemsFor each trip a taxicab company charges 4 25 for the first mile and
75PSHardDivisibility/Multiples/Factors/NumbWhen 24 is divided by the positive integer n the remainder is 4 whic
76PSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsWhat is the thousandths digit in the decimal equivalent of
77PSEasyAlgebraIf 1 2 the result obtained when 2 is subtracted from 5x is equal to th
78PSEasyCoordinate GeometeryIn a rectangular coordinate system straight line k passes through poi
79PSMediumDistance/Rate ProblemsIf car a took n hours to travel 2 miles and car b took m hours to trav
80PSMediumAlgebra/ArithmeticIf x y and k are positive and x is less than y then x k y k
81PSEasyAlgebra/InequalitiesConsider the following set of inequalities p q s r q t s p
82PSEasyDistance/Rate ProblemsCarl averaged 2m miles per hour on a trip that took him h hours if ru
83PSVery HardOverlapping SetsOf three persons two take relish two take pepper and two take salt
84PSMediumGeometryIf a rectangle of area 24 can be partitioned into exactly 3 nonoverlap
85PSMediumGeometryIn the figure above the area of the parallelogram is
86PSHardDivisibility/Multiple/FactorsIf the smaller of 2 consecutive odd integers is a multiple of 5 which
87PSMediumGeometryIn the figure above if triangles abc acd and ade are isosceles righ
88PSVery HardGeometryEach of 27 white 1 centimeter cubes will have exactly one face painted
89PSMediumGeometryThe figure above is constructed by separating a circular region into
90PSMediumGeometryOn a scale drawing of a triangular piece of land the sides of the tri
91PSEasyGeometryWhich of the following gives all possible values of x in the figure ab
92PSEasyGeometryIn the figure above lines are drawn at the vertices of the quadrilate
93PSHardGeometryThe dimensions of a ream of paper are 8 1 2 inches by 11 inches by
94PSMediumGeometryIn the racetrack shown above regions i and iii are semicircular with
95PSHardGeometryThe figure above which is divided into 6 sectors of equal area conta
96PSMediumGeometryWhen a rectangular vat that is 3 feet deep is filled to 2 3 of its cap
97PSEasyGeometryThe figure above represents an antenna tower with two guy wires that e
98PSMediumGeometryThe figures above show a sealed container that is a right circular cyl
99PSMediumGeometryThe figure above shows a drop leaf table with all four leaves down th
100PSEasyGeometryIf the diameter of a circular skating rink is 60 meters the area of
101PSEasyGeometryWhat is the greatest number of blocks 8 centimeters by 6 centimeters
102PSMediumWord ProblemsEight light bulbs numbered 1 through 8 are arranged in a circle as sho
103PSMediumMin/Max Problems/Set and statisticsThe average arithmetic mean of the positive integers x y and z is
104PSHardNumber PropertiesThe product of 3 305 and the 1 digit integer x is a 5 digit integer th
105PSMediumAlgebraIf x and y are integers such that 2 x 8 and 2 y 9 what is the
106PSMediumWord ProblemsItems that are purchased together at a certain discount store are pric
107PSMediumExponents/Powers - ArithmeticWhat is the least integer z for which
108PSEasySet and statistics problemsThe average arithmetic mean length per film for a group of 21 films
109PSHardGeometryAn open box in the shape of a cube measuring 50 centimeters on each si
110PSHardWord ProblemsA garden center sells a certain grass seed in 5 pound bags at
111PSEasyAbsolute Values/Modulus/AlgebraIf x w which of the following must be true
112PSHardPercents and Interest ProblemsA certain financial institution reported that its assets totaled
113PSEasyArithmeticIn the correctly worked addition problem shown where the
114PSMediumCoordinate Geometry/GeometryPlanning is in progress for a fenced rectangular playground with an a
115PSHardAbsolute Values/Modulus/InequalitieGiven the inequalities above which of the following cannot be
116PSMediumNumber PropertiesIf m is an even integer v is an odd integer and m v 0 which of
117PSMediumDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsA positive integer is divisible by 9 if and only if the sum of its
118PSMediumGeometryThe perimeter of rectangle a is 200 meters the length of rectangle b
119PSEasyInequalitiesIn the number line the shaded interval is the graph of which of the
120PSHardStatistics and Sets ProblemsLast year members of a certain professional organization for teachers
121PSMediumFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf all the students in a certain dormitory 1 2 are first year student
122PSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf the average arithmetic mean of x y and z is 7x and x
123PSEasyDistance/Rate ProblemsJonah drove the first half of a 100 mile trip in x hours and the secon
124PSMediumCoordinate GeometryIn the xy plane the points c d c d and c d
125PSHardPercents and Interest ProblemsIf the amount of federal estate tax due on an estate valued at
126PSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf 3 10 4 x then x
127PSEasyRemaindersWhat is the remainder when 3 24 is divided by
128PSHardGeometryIn the figure shown a square grid is superimposed on the map of a par
129PSMediumArithmeticIf the volume of a ball is 32 490 cubic millimeters what is the volum
130PSMediumPercents and Interest Problems/WordDavid used part of 100 000 to purchase a house of the remaining port
131PSMediumWord ProblemsA certain manufacturer sells its products to stores in 113 different r
132PSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsAndrew started saving at the beginning of the year and had saved
133PSMediumArithmeticTwo numbers differ by 2 and sum to s which of the following is the gr
134PSMediumGeometryThe figure shown above consists of three identical circles t
135PSMediumArithmetic/Statistics and Sets ProbIn a numerical table with 10 rows and 10 columns each entry is either
136PSMediumArithmetic/Number PropertiesA positive integer n is a perfect number provided that the sum of all
137PSEasySequencesThe infinite sequence a1 a2 an is such that a1
138PSEasySequencesThe sequence a1 a2 a n is such that an 2an 1 x
139PSEasyGeometryA window is in the shape of a regular hexagon with each side of length
140PSMediumGeometryIn the figure shown pqrstu is a regular polygon with sides of lenght x
141PSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsIn a certain medical survey 45 percent of the people surveyed had the
142PSMediumOverlapping SetsIn a certain transatlantic crossing 20 percent of a ship s
143PSMediumAlgebra/Exponents/PowersIf x and k are integers and 12 x 4 2x 1 2 k 3 2 what
144PSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf s is the sum of the reciprocals of the 10 consecutive integers from
145PSEasyNumber PropertiesFor every even positive integer m f m represents the produ
146PSHardGeometryIn pentagon pqrst pq 3 qr 2 rs 4 and st 5 which
147PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsThe arithmetic mean of the list of numbers above is 4 if k
148PSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf the variables x y and z take on only the values
149PSVery HardGeometryWhen the figure above is cut along the solid lines folded along the
150PSHardAbsolute Values/Modulus/AlgebraFor how many ordered pairs x y that are solutions of the
151PSMediumGeometryThe points r t and u lie on a circle that has radius 4 if
152PSEasyCombinationsA certain university will select 1 of 7 candidates eligible
153PSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsA survey of employers found that during 1993 employment cost
154PSHardCombinationsThe subsets of the set w x y are w x y w x w y
155PSEasyCombinationsThere are 5 cars to be displayed in 5 parking spaces with all the cars
156PSVery HardNumber PropertiesThe number can be expressed as 63 36 3 1 2 1 2 can be expresse
157PSHardCombinationsThere are 10 books on a shelf of which 4 are paperbacks and 6 are har
158PSMediumProbability/RemaindersIf x is to be chosen at random from the set 1 2 3 4 and
159PSHardExponents/Powers/Functions and CustThe function f is defined for each positive three digit
160PSHardArithmetic/Exponents/PowersIf 10 50 74 is written as an integer in base 10 notation
161PSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsA certain company that sells only cars and trucks reported
162PSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsBecky rented a power tool from a rental shop the rent for the tool wa
163PSVery HardInequalities/Must or Could be TrueIf 4 7 x 3 which of the following must be true
164PSVery HardInequalities/GeometryA certain right triangle has sides of length x y and z where x y
165PSHardWord ProblemsIn a certain day a bakery produced a batch of rolls at a total produc
166PSMediumMust or Could be True QuestionsA set of numbers has the property that for any number t in t
167PSVery HardProbability/CombinationsA couple decides to have 4 children if they succeed in havi
168PSVery HardPercents and Interest ProblemsThe closing price of stock x changed on each trading day last month t
169PSVery HardGeometryIn the figure above point o is the center of the circle and
170PSMediumWord ProblemsIn airline passenger is planning a trip that involves three
171PSHardNumber Properties/Divisibility/MultIf n is a positive integer and n 2 is divisible by 72 then
172PSEasyAlgebraA certain grocery purchased x pounds of produce for p dollar
173PSMediumDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsIf x y and z are positive integers such that x is a factor
174PSVery HardWork/Rate ProblemsRunning at their respective constant rates machine x takes
175PSVery HardGeometry/Must or Could be True QuesA square wooden plaque has a square brass inlay in the

Data Sufficiency
#IDDifficultyPrimary CategoryQuestion Text
177DSEasyAlgebraDOes 2x 8 12 1 2x 10 14 2 3x
178DSEasySequencesFIf m is a set of consecutive even integers is 0 in set m
179DSEasyAlgebra/Word ProblemsRita's monthly salary is 2 3 juanita s monthly salary what is their
180DSEasyNumber PropertiesWhat is the value of the integer x
181DSEasyInequalitiesS 2x 2y
182DSEasyInequalitiesIf p and q are positive is p q less than
183DSEasyWord ProblemsIn each quarter of 1998 company m earned more money than in the previ
184DSEasyWord ProblemsIn a certain factory hours worked by each employee in excess of
185DSEasyNumber PropertiesIs the integer p even 1 the integer p 2 1 is odd 2 the integer
186DSEasyAlgebraIf x 0 what is the value of x 5 1 x 1 2 32 2 x
187DSMediumGeometryIn the quilting pattern shown above a small square has its vertices o
188DSEasyPercent and Interest ProblemsDid insurance company k have more than 300 million in total net profi
189DSMediumWork/Rate ProblemsHow many hours would it take pump a and pump b working together each
190DSEasyInequalitiesWhat is the value of the integer n
191DSEasyAlgebra/InequalitiesIs zw positive
192DSEasyFractions/Ratios/Decimals/GeometryIn the scale drawing of a certain house plan if 1 centimeter represent
193DSEasyCoordinate GeometryIn the rectangular coordinate system above if opq and qrs have equa
194DSMediumWord ProblemsIn a school that had a total of 600 students enrolled in the junior an
195DSEasyPercent and Interest ProblemsHow much did credit card fraud cost united states banks in year x to
196DSEasyNumber PropertiesIs the positive integer n odd
197DSMediumCoordinate GeometryIn the xy plane circle c has center 1 0 and radius 2 if line k is
198DSMediumPercent and Interest Problems/WordCompany x s profits this year increased by 25 over last year s profit
199DSEasyFunctions and Custom CharactersFor all x the expression x is defined to be ax a where a is
200DSEasyInequalitiesIs k m 0 1 k 0 2 km
201DSMediumFunctions and Custom CharactersThe symbol represents which one of the following operations additio
202DSHardExponents/PowersWhat is the value of 2 x 2 x 1 x 0 2 4 x 4 x
203DSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsWhat is the ratio of c to d
204DSMediumFunctions and Custom Characters/WorA candle company determines that for a certain specialty candle the
205DSEasyGeometryIs the length of rectangular field f greater than the length of rectan
206DSMediumGeometryIn the figure above is the area of triangular region ade equal to the
207DSEasyWord ProblemsLast year publisher x published 1 100 books consisting of first editi
208DSEasyWord ProblemsHow old is jane 1 ten years ago she was one third as old as she is
209DSEasyWord ProblemsWhat was the population of city x in 2002 1 x s population in
210DSEasyGeometryWhat is the perimeter of triangle abc 1 ab 16 inches 2 abc is
211DSEasyGeometryIn the figure above is the shaded region a square region 1 abcd a
212DSEasyGeometryP is a particle on the circle shown above what is the length of the p
213DSEasyGeometryThe figure above shows the floor plan and inside dimensions of the gro
214DSMediumGeometryThe figure above shows the top of a circular cake with a slice removed
215DSEasyGeometryIf three straight lines intersect at a point as shown in the figure ab
216DSEasyGeometryWhat is the distance between city a and city c
217DSHardGeometryA person walked completely around the edge of a park beginning at the
218DSEasyGeometryWhat is the area in square meters of the building plot shown in the
219DSEasyGeometryThe heart shaped decoration shown in the figure above consists of a sq
220DSMediumGeometryIf a is the area of a triangle with sides of lengths x y and z as sh
221DSEasyGeometryThe figure above shows a piece of cheese with a corner cut off to expo
222DSHardGeometryThe figure above shows a portion of a road map on which the measures
223DSEasyGeometryIt costs 2 250 to fill right circular cylindrical tank r with a certa
224DSEasyGeometryIn the gure shown lines k and m are parallel to each other is x z
225DSMediumCoordinate GeometryIf k and are lines in the xy plane is the slope of k less than the
226DSMediumFunctions and Custom Characters/WorWhen the wind speed is 9 miles per hour the wind chill factor w is
227DSEasyGeometryWhat is the volume of the cube above
228DSMediumGeometryIn the figure shown quadrilateral abcd is inscribed in a circle of
229DSMediumWord ProblemsHow many members of a certain legislature voted against the measure to
230DSMediumAbsolute Values/ModulusIf y 0 is x 1 1 x y y 2 x x
231DSEasyAlgebraIf x is a positive integer what is the value of x
232DSMediumArithmetic/Number Properties/StatisIs the median of the five numbers a b c d e and e equal to d
233DSMediumDistance/Rate ProblemsDuring a certain bicycle ride was sherry s average speed faster than
234DSMediumWork/Rate ProblemsWorking together rafael and salvador can tabulate a certain set of da
235DSEasyAlgebraIf x and y are integers what is the value of x
236DSMediumGeometryThe figure above shows line l circle 1 with center at c1 and circle
237DSHardWord ProblemsYesterday between 9 00 a m and 6 00 p m at airport x all flights to
238DSMediumWord ProblemsIf the total number of copies of magazine x sold last week 40 percent
239DSMediumAbsolute Values/ModulusIf p s and t are positive integer is ps pt p s t
240DSMediumInequalitiesIs x y
241DSMediumGeometryIn the figure above ab which has length z cm is tangent to the
242DSMediumNumber PropertiesIs the integer n a prime number
243DSHardStatistics and Sets ProblemsWhat is the average arithmetic mean annual salary of the 6 employees
244DSVery HardWord ProblemsIn a certain order the pretax price of each regular pencil was 0 o3 t
245DSEasyDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsIf m is an integer greater than 1 is m an even integer
246DSMediumSequencesIf the set s consists of five consecutive positive integers what is
247DSMediumExponents/Powers/AlgebraIf x 0 what is the value of x
248DSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsA total of 20 amounts are entered on a spreadsheet that has
249DSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsAs the range of the amounts of money that company y budgeted for its
250DSHardAlgebra/SequencesIf a b c and d are numbers on the number line shown and if
251DSMediumInequalitiesIs xm ym
252DSMediumAlgebraIf y x 2 6x 9 what is the value of x
253DSMediumProbabilityWhat is the probability that lee will make exactly 5 errors on a certa
254DSMediumNumber PropertiesIf p is a positive integer is 2 p 1 a prime number
255DSMediumCoordinate GeometryIn the xy plane point r s lies on a circle with center
256DSMediumNumber PropertiesIf r s and t are nonzero integers is r 5 s 3 t 4 negative
257DSHardWork/Rate ProblemsEach type a machine fills 400 cans per minute each type b machine fill
258DSMediumAlgebraIf a and b are constants what is the value of a
259DSEasyAlgebra/RootsIf x is a positive integer is x 1 2 an integer
260DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf p q x y and z are different positive integers which
261DSEasyAlgebraIf w z 28 what is the value of wz
262DSMediumAlgebra/Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf abc 0 is a b c a b c
263DSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsThe arithmetic mean of a collection of 5 positive integers not necess
264DSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsA certain list consists of 400 different numbers is the average
265DSMediumPercent and Interest Problems/WordIn a two month survey of shoppers each shopper bought one of two bran
266DSHardDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsIf m and n are positive integers is m n divisible by
267DSMediumGeometry/AlgebraWhat is the area of rectangular region r
268DSVery HardNumber PropertiesHow many integers n are there such that r n s
269DSEasyWord ProblemsIf the total price of n equally priced shares of a certain s
270DSMediumAlgebra/Inequalities/RootsIf n is positive is root n
271DSEasyAlgebra/InequalitiesIs xy
272DSEasyArithmetic/Percent and Interest ProIn year x 8 7 percent of the men in the labor force were un
273DSEasyAlgebra/Exponents/PowersIf x 0 what is the value of x p x q
274DSEasyWord ProblemsIn monday morning a certain machine ran continuously at a un
275DSEasyGeometryWhat is the radius of the circle above with center o
276DSEasyDivisibility/Multiples/FactorsIf a and b are positive integers what is the value of the product ab
277DSEasyGeometryWhat is the number of 360 degree rotations that a bicycle wh
278DSEasyAlgebraIn the equation x 2 bx 12 0 x is a variable and b is
279DSHardGeometryIn the figure above line segment op has slope 1 2 and line segment pq
280DSEasyGeometryIn triangle xyz whatis the length of yz
281DSHardStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf the average arithmetic mean of n consecutive odd
282DSEasyInequalitiesIf x y and z are positive numbers is x y z
283DSMediumStatistics and Sets Problemsis a set of numbers such that
284DSMediumAlgebraIf x 2 y 2 29 what is the value of x y 2 1 xy
285DSMediumPercent and Interest ProblemsAfter winning 50 percent of the first 20 games it played te
286DSEasyInequalitiesIs x between 0 and
287DSHardExponents/Powers/Number PropertiesIf m and n are nonzero integers is m n an integer
288DSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of xy
289DSMediumNumber PropertiesIf n is the least of three different integers greater than 1 what is
290DSEasyInequalitiesIs x 2 greater than x
291DSHardWord ProblemsMichael arranged all his books in a bookcase with 10 books
292DSMediumAlgebraIf xy 0 does x 1 y
293DSMediumOverlapping SetsLast year in a group of 30 businesses 21 reported a net
294DSEasyGeometryIs the perimeter of square s greater than the perimeter of e
295DSHardInequalitiesIf x y z 0 is z
296DSMediumFunctions and Custom CharactersFor all z denotes the least integer greater than or equ
297DSMediumGeometryThe circular base of an above ground swimming pool lies in a
298DSVery HardAlgebraIf xy 6 what is the value of xy x y
299DSMediumAlgebra/Functions and Custom CharacY Denotes the greatest integer less than or equal to y is
300DSVery HardNumber PropertiesIf n is a positive odd integer is n prime
301DSVery HardNumber Properties/Fractions/Ratios/If m is a positive integer then m 3 has how many digits
302DSMediumAlgebraWhat is the value of x 2 y 2 1 x y 2 9 2 x y
303DSHardWord ProblemsFor each landscaping job that takes more than 4 hours a
304DSHardExponents/PowersIf x 2 2 x what is the value of x
305DSHardSequencesThe sequence s1 s2 s3 sn is such that sn 1 n
306DSHardSequencesIn the sequence s of numbers each term after the first two
307DSHardOverlapping Sets/Percent and IntereIf 75 percent of the guests at a certain banquet ordered dessert what
308DSHardWork/Rate ProblemsA tank containing water started to leak did the tank contai
309DSVery HardCoordinate GeometryIn the xy plane lines k and l intersect at the point 1 1 is the y
310DSVery HardGeometryA triangle has side lengths of a b and c centimeters does each angl
311DSVery HardOverlapping Sets/ProbabilityEach of the 45 books on a shelf is written
312DSHardOverlapping SetsA small school has three foreign language classes one in french one in
313DSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf s is a set of four numbers w x y and z is the range o
314DSVery HardFractions/Ratios/DecimalsLast year 3 5 of the members of a certain club were males
315DSVery HardNumber PropertiesIf a b and c are consecutive integers and 0 a b c is the prod
316DSVery HardArithmetic/Divisibility/Multiples/Fm and n are integers such that 6 m n what is the value of n
317DSVery HardDistance/Rate ProblemsStations x and y are connected by two separate straight


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New post 27 May 2019, 00:23

I just started my studying. In the OG 2020 copy I have, question 85 of section 5.3 on page 159 shows PS11091 (i.e. if x square - 2 < 0 … ).

The google document has question 85 on the PS tab as PS03635 and shows PS11091 as question 90.

Am I doing something wrong or using the document wrongly?

Thank you for the time.

Kind regards,

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New post 21 Jun 2019, 23:36
Hi... i’m new here... can someone pls guide me to download the questions? Thanks.
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New post 28 Jun 2019, 13:46
It is hard to put into words how valuable this post is, especially for drilling questions during the last mile of prep.

Thanks a lot, mate!


Hi carcass ,

the questions do seem a little easier than Gmat prep questions for example.
Would you confirm that notion?
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New post 18 Jul 2019, 03:20
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New post 29 Jul 2019, 21:24
Thanks a ton bb

Just one question - How can we search the questions in gmat club?
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New post 04 Aug 2019, 09:32
No questions are highlighted. arent there any new questions?
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New post 04 Aug 2019, 09:54
subhadeep1992 wrote:
Thanks a ton bb

Just one question - How can we search the questions in gmat club?

I think the only way possible is type the question on google and search for the gmatclub link with the same question.
If you plan to study the OG thoroughly then download the excel sheet of OG 2020 provided by bb
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New post 04 Aug 2019, 22:28
Thanks for pointing it out, I have highlighted new questions.


Sanjeetgujrall wrote:
No questions are highlighted. arent there any new questions?

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New post 06 Aug 2019, 16:13

In question 52 of Problem Solving the answer choice should be B, not E.

Wil update with anymore errors as I progress.
Here's how I went from 430 to 710, and how you can do it yourself:
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New post 06 Aug 2019, 16:27
Thanks! I have updated the error log spreadsheet.
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New post 06 Aug 2019, 17:05
Bhamber wrote:
Hi... i’m new here... can someone pls guide me to download the questions? Thanks.

There are two ways you can prepare OG Quantitative.

1. Download the Error Log, open the file; check the PS/DS ID for the corresponding question. Copy the ID and paste it on Google search bar. You'll get the question.

2. Goto-> Practice Question Bank, filter the source tags accordingly to get the required list of questions.

Hope this helps.
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New post 06 Aug 2019, 17:09
Technically you cannot download the questions in any way except getting a Kindle Book or the official PDF which you can only get a portion of from the Efficient Learning.
PDF/Online Version purchase link
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