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100 Hardest Problem Solving Questions

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100 Hardest Problem Solving Questions  [#permalink]

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New post 03 Nov 2013, 14:05

100 Hardest Problem Solving Questions

Are you familiar with the GMAT Club's timer? We have pulled timer results from our database and analyzed every question in the forum. Based on those results, we have compiled a list of the hardest questions in each of the question forums we have. Below I am presenting to you the top 100 questions from PS forum.
Problem Solving (PS)
Rank Title Topics
1How many even 3 digit integers greater than 700 with Combinations
2If the product of all the unique positive divisors of n, a p Number Properties/Divisibility/Multiples/Factors
3Set S consists of numbers 2, 3, 6, 48, and 164. Number K is Probability/Number Properties/Divisibility/Multiples/Factors
4Arrow AB which is a line segment exactly 5 units along with Coordinate Geometry
5If 10! - 2*(5!)^2 is divisible by 10^n, what is the greatest Divisibility/Multiples/Factors/Roots
6A big cube is formed by rearranging the 160 coloured and 56 Percents and Interest Problems/Geometry
7In the figure, point D divides side BC of triangle ABC into Geometry
8The function g(x) is defined for integers x such that if x Arithmetic
9Louie takes out a three-month loan of $1000. The lender Percents and Interest Problems
10If two integers are chosen at random out of the set {2, 5, 7 Probability/Number Properties
11How many numbers that are not divisible by 6 divide evenly Divisibility/Multiples/Factors
12On a partly cloudy day, Derek decides to walk back from work Distance/Rate Problems
13a, b, c, d are positive integers such that exactly one of Inequalities
14A sequence of numbers (geometric sequence) is given by the Exponents/Powers/Sequences
15How many values can the integer p=|x+3|-|x-3| assume? Absolute Values/Modules
16A man arrives at a railway station 90mins before the time at Distance/Rate Problems
17An integer between 1 and 300, inclusive, is chosen at random Probability/Number Properties
18A cyclist travels the length of a bike path that is 225 Inequalities/Distance/Rate Problems
19In racing over a given distance d at uniform speed, A can be Distance/Rate Problems
20In the diagram, points A, B, and C are on the diameter of Geometry
24How many positive integers less than 10,000 are there in Combinations
25Twenty metres of wire is available to fence off a flower bed Geometry/Min/Max Problems/Out of Scope - Too Hard
26In a certain sequence, every term after the first is determi Sequences
27List T consist of 30 positive decimals, none of which is an Min/Max Problems
28In a village of 100 households, 75 have at least one DVD Overlapping Sets
29Points A and B are 120 km apart. A motorcyclist starts from Distance/Rate Problems/Geometry
30A cylindrical water tower with radius 5 m and height 8 m is Geometry/Work/Rate Problems
31If integer C is randomly selected from 20 to 99, inclusive. Probability
32If an integer n is to be chosen at random from the integers Probability/Divisibility/Multiples/Factors
33If 2^x + 2^y = x^2 + y^2, where x and y are nonnegative inte Algebra
35If |12x5|>|76x|, which of the following CANNOT be the Inequalities/Absolute Values/Modules/Word Problems
36Consider a regular polygon of p sides. The number of values Number Properties/Geometry
38It takes 6 days for 3 women and 2 men working together to Work/Rate Problems/Poor Quality
40If x represents the sum of all the positive three-digit Arithmetic/Combinations
41Of a group of people, 10 play piano, 11 play guitar, 14 play Overlapping Sets
43In the xy-coordinate system, rectangle ABCD is inscribed wit Geometry/Coordinate Geometry
44How many triangles with positive area can be drawn on the Geometry/Coordinate Geometry
453 cooks have to make 80 burgers.They are known to make 20 Work/Rate Problems
46A man cycling along the road noticed that every 12 minutes Distance/Rate Problems
47Eight litres are drawn off from a vessel full of water and s Mixture Problems
48How many positive integers less than 30 are either a Number Properties/Divisibility/Multiples/Factors
49If N is the product of all multiples of 3 between 1 and 100 Number Properties/Exponents/Powers/Divisibility/Multiples/Factors
50Tom and Linda stand at point A. Linda begins to walk in a Distance/Rate Problems
51Two kinds of Vodka are mixed in the ratio 1:2 and 2:1 and Mixture Problems
52If a is the sum of x consecutive positive integers. b is the Statistics and Sets Problems
53A dessert recipe calls for 50% melted chocolate and 50% rasp Mixture Problems
54How many positive integers between 200 and 300 (both inclusi Divisibility/Multiples/Factors
55How many combinations of three letters taken from letters Combinations
56If the probability of rain on any given day is 50%, what is Probability
57x is the sum of y consecutive integers. w is the sum of z Statistics and Sets Problems
59In how many different ways can a group of 8 people be divide Combinations
60If x#0 and x/|x|<x, which of the following must be true? Inequalities/Absolute Values/Modules
61The sum of four consecutive odd numbers is equal to the sum Sequences
62If a and b are distinct integers and a^b = b^a, how many Number Properties/Exponents/Powers
63A fair coin is tossed 5 times. What is the probability of Probability
64If x+|x|+y=7 and x+|y|-y=6 what is x+y=? Absolute Values/Modules
65Which of the following sets includes ALL of the solutions of Absolute Values/Modules
66If x is an integer and |1-x|<2 then which of the following Absolute Values/Modules/Must or Could be True Questions/Number Properties
67What is the product of all the solutions of x^2 - 4x + 6=3 Absolute Values/Modules/Algebra
68The expression x[n]y is defined for positive values of x and Exponents/Powers/Functions and Custom Characters
69There are 100 freshmen at a particular college, all of whom Overlapping Sets
70The elevator in an eleven-story office building travels at Distance/Rate Problems
71Two different primes may be said to rhyme Number Properties
72The number of straight line miles traveled downriver in one Algebra/Word Problems
73If x is the smallest positive integer that is not prime and Divisibility/Multiples/Factors
74Car B begins moving at 2 mph around a circular track with Distance/Rate Problems
75On planet Simplon, each year has 12 months, each of which Fractions/Ratios/Decimals
76Car B starts at point X and moves clockwise around Distance/Rate Problems
77|x+3| - |4-x| = |8+x|. How many solutions does the equation Absolute Values/Modules
78How many even integers n, where 100 <= n <= 200, are divisib Number Properties/Divisibility/Multiples/Factors
79A wall clock gains 2 mins in 12 hrs, while a table clock Distance/Rate Problems
80Jane gave Karen a 5 m head start in a 100 race and Jane was Distance/Rate Problems
82Ax(y) is an operation that adds 1 to y Functions and Custom Characters
83N and M are each 3-digit integers. Each of the numbers 1, 2, Arithmetic/Min/Max Problems
85Two cars A and B start from Boston and New York respectively Distance/Rate Problems
86A cyclist travels the length of a bike path that is 225 Word Problems/Min/Max Problems
87Jerry and Jim run a race of 2000 m. First, Jerry gives Jim Distance/Rate Problems
88Of the three-digit integers greater than 700, how many have Combinations
90A man sets out to cycle from BBSR to CTC and at the same Distance/Rate Problems
91A firm's annual revenue grows twice as fast as its costs. In Percents and Interest Problems
92At a local beach, the ratio of little dogs to average dogs Percents and Interest Problems/Fractions/Ratios/Decimals
93The function p(n) on non-negative integer n is defined in Exponents/Powers
94This year Henry will save a certain amount of his income Word Problems/Fractions/Ratios/Decimals
95The positive value of x that satisfies the equation (1 + 2x) Algebra/Exponents/Powers
96Point (x,y) is a point within the triangle. What is the Coordinate Geometry/Probability
98Danny is sitting on a rectangular box. The area of the front Geometry
99A bus from city M is traveling to city N at a constant speed Distance/Rate Problems
100Each day a man meets his wife at the train station after Distance/Rate Problems
101How many different combinations of outcomes can you make by Combinations
102Tanya prepared 4 different letters to be sent to 4 different Probability
103If x, a, and b are positive integers such that when x is Remainders/Divisibility/Multiples/Factors/Must or Could be True Questions
104In the diagram, triangle PQR has a right angle at Q and a Geometry
105Rita and Sam play the following game with n sticks on a Word Problems
106What is the least possible distance between a point on the Coordinate Geometry
107Tanks X and Y contain 500 and 200 gallons of water respectiv Work/Rate Problems
108Brenda and Sally run in opposite direction on a circular tra Distance/Rate Problems
109Alex and Brenda both stand at point X. Alex begins to walk a Distance/Rate Problems/Geometry
110There are 5 bags three of which contains 5 white and 2 black Probability/Poor Quality
111If x/|x|<x which of the following must be true about x? Absolute Values/Modules/Inequalities/Must or Could be True Questions
112For any integer k > 1, the term length of an integer Number Properties

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Joined: 02 Sep 2009
Posts: 60687
100 Hardest Problem Solving Questions  [#permalink]

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New post 15 Oct 2018, 00:50
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100 Hardest Problem Solving Questions   [#permalink] 15 Oct 2018, 00:50
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100 Hardest Problem Solving Questions

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