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GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises

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GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises  [#permalink]

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New post 01 Aug 2010, 10:38

Answers to Exercises

This post is a part of [GMAT GRAMMAR BOOK]

created by: bb
edited by: dzyubam

Exercise 1: Identifying Subject, Verb, Complement and Modifier

1Jerryopenedhis present.
2Mr. Johnsondrinkscoffeeevery morning.
4The dogchasedthe catup the tree.
5The windblewviolently.
6Jimmyscoreda goalat the soccer matchlast Saturday.
8Bill, George and AliceboughtCDsat the music storetoday.
9The barrelrolleddown the hill.
10Terryis watchingtelevision.

Exercise 2: Identifying Count and Non-Count Nouns

minute C
clothing N
canyon C
gas N
smoke N
food N
eye C
bus C
spoon C
advice N
milk N
math N

Exercise 3: Using Articles

1. John is wearing ___a___ baseball cap today.
2. __The__ chair is ___a___ useful piece of furniture.
3. __The__ chairs in __the__ living room are antiques.
4. She cried when she peeled __the_or_an___ onion. (Depends if onion is being referred to specifically or generally.)
5. __The_or Ø__ women like to wear ___Ø____ jewelry. (Depends if women are being referred to specifically or generally.)
6. __The___ jewelry that my sister wears is made of ___Ø___ gold.
7. When you look at __the___ moon, you can see ___a___ face.
8. ___An___ hour ago I saw ___a___ eagle flying overhead.
9. ___Ø___ life can be fun, but sometimes there are ___Ø____ problems.
10. ___The____ last time I saw ____a____ bear, I was travelling in ___Ø___ Europe.

Exercise 4: Using Other

1. I received two gifts for my birthday. One was from my parents. __The other__ one was from my brother.
2. This pie is fantastic! Can I have ___another___ piece?
3. These pants don’t fit well. Let me try ___the other___ ones.
4. I have a large stamp collection. The stamps in this section are from the United States. ___Others___ are from ___other___ places in the world.
5. Joshua likes to wear Nike shoes. He won’t wear any ___other___ brand.
6. I’m almost finished with my homework. I just need ___another___ ten minutes.
7. John, Melissa and I are going to the movies. ___The others___ are going to the Craft Fair.
8. This house is brand new. ___The other___ house is really old.
9. We like to swim. ___Others____ like to surf, and still ___others___ like to ski.
10. You can buy this shirt and ___another____ one. Which ___other____ would you like?

Exercise 5: Determining Quantity

1. Joan drank __________ sodas.
a. five
b. a few
c. [strike]hardly any[/strike]
d. several
e. no
f. a lot of
g. a great deal of
h. [strike]too much[/strike]
i. some
j. a number of
k. too many
l. [strike]a little[/strike]

2. Randy drank _________ coffee.
a. [strike]five[/strike]
b. [strike]a few[/strike]
c. hardly any
d. [strike]several[/strike]
e. no
f. a lot of
g. a great deal of
h. too much
i. some
j. [strike]a number of[/strike]
k. [strike]too many[/strike]
l. a little

Exercise 6: Using the Present Tense Forms of Verbs

1. John ___is sleeping___ (sleep) on the couch at the moment.
2. My dad always ___sits___ (sit) in that chair.
3. I ___like___ (like) to go to the movies on the weekends.
4. The children ___are playing___ (play) at the neighbor’s house today.
5. The company ___is building___ (build) a new store.
6. Water ___washes___ (wash) away dirt.
7. My little brother ___has eaten___ (eat) all the candy! It’s all gone!
8. Jane ___is reading___ (read) her favorite book now.
9. Those boys ___have scared___ (scare) that cat many times before.
10. My wife and I ___cry___ (cry) when we watch sad movies.

Exercise 7: Using the Past Tense Forms of Verbs

1. She ___was talking___ (talk) on the phone when the door bell rang.
2. Yesterday, I ___caught___ (catch) a big fish on our camping trip.
3. Our group ___hiked___ (hike) the full length of the Inca Trail last week.
4. The bear ___had climbed___ (climb) a tree before the dogs got there.
5. The sky diver ___was falling___ (fall) very fast when the parachute opened.
6. My grandparents ___had arrived___ (arrive) before I returned from school.
7. I ___read___ (read) that story last year in literature class.
8. Mary ___was watching__ (watch) a movie when her aunt called from New York.
9. Jason ___was fishing___ (fish) in the pond when he saw a big snake.
10. The plumber ___found___ (find) the source of the water leak.

Exercise 8: Using the Future Tense of Verbs

1. Steve, Lucy and I __will be going__ (go) to Harvard University this fall.
2. I __will have started___ (start) classes by the time Rachel returns from Europe.
3. Rachel __will join___ (join) me in class when she returns.
4. I __will be thinking___ (think) about Rachel until she returns safely.
5. My cat __will be crying__ (cry) when I get home because she is hungry.
6. Our dog, Rufus, __will travel__ (travel) with us this summer.
7. My letter __will have arrived__ (arrive) to Rita by the time I get there.
8. The pilot said that it __will be raining__ (rain) when we arrive in Brazil.
9. My sister __will marry__ (marry) this coming June.
10. Tom __will have eaten__ (eat) three hamburgers when he finishes this one.

Exercise 9: Using the Perfect Continuous Tense of Verbs

1. John __will have been hunting__ (hunt) for six hours when the sun goes down.
2. Sally and Mary __have been playing__ (play) together for three hours.
3. Our fans __had been cheering__ (cheer) until the other team scored.
4. Ralph and I __have been shopping__ (shop) all day.
5. The truck __had been making__ (make) bad noises until we got it fixed.
6. All the turkey __will have been eaten__ (eat) by the time we arrive.

Exercise 10: Using Say and Tell

1. Jason __told__ his friend to shut up.
2. Jane __said__ that she is feeling sick.
3. My English teacher __said__ that I’m learning quickly.
4. The driver __said__, “I’ll pick you up at the airport.”
5. Please, __tell__ me where to find the washing detergent.
6. The angry mother __said__, “ I __told__ you not to do that!”
7. I heard Peter __say__ that he was going out with Becky tonight.
8. The security guard __told__ me to get off the stage.
9. __Tell__ me the story again!
10. Will you __tell__ John to meet me after work?

Exercise 11: Using Know and Know How

1. The boys __know how__ to catch rabbits with snares.
2. Do you __know how__ to get to the airport from here?
3. I didn’t __know__ that Jenny was pregnant.
4. I am amazed that Jack __knows__ where to go from here.
5. Some primitive tribes __knew how__ to perform surgery long ago.

Exercise 12: Using Need

1. I need __to finish__ (finish) my homework.
2. The bus needs to be __filled__ (fill) with gas.
3. Mary’s garden needs __watering__ (water).
4. The thief needs to be __punished__ (punish).
5. Harold will need __to make__ (make) extra cash for his trip.
6. This problem needs __solving__ (solve).
7. Nancy needs __to wash__ (wash) the dishes soon.
8. The crops need to be __harvested__ (harvest) before it rains.
9. Stacy and I need __to move__ (move) to another apartment.
10. That hole in the road needs __filling__ (fill).

Exercise 13: Using Raise/Rise, Set/Sit and Lay/Lie

1. Hens (lay, lie) eggs.
2. Janice (set, sat) the table for dinner.
3. Janice (set, sat) at the table for dinner.
4. Mrs. Smith (raises, rises) a garden every year.
5. I (laid, lay) my wallet on top of the dresser.
6. The ability to succeed (lies, lays) within you.
7. The old lady (set, sat) on the bench because she was tired.
8. Hot air (raises, rises).
9. When I get tired, I (lay, lie) down and take a nap.
10. Jennifer (raised, rose) from her seat to pick up her test paper.

Exercise 14: Subject/Verb Agreement

1. The daughter of my best friend (has/have) won the spelling competition.
2. The geese that fly south for the winter (is/are) nesting around the lake.
3. The mayor, together with his wife, (is/are) attending the inaugural ball.
4. John and his wife Mary will (has/have) been married seven year tomorrow.
5. Police cars, which are old and outdated, (is/are) being auctioned off today.
6. Earthquakes around the ring of fire (has/have) been more frequent lately.
7. Joan of Arc, who led many Frenchmen in revolution, (was/were) the subject of my report.
8. The jury, which has been deliberating the Johnson trial, (has/have) been ordered to make a decision soon.
9. The grandson of the late Mr. Hopkins (has/have) inherited the billionaire’s estate.
10. Michele, along with Sam and Justin, (is/are) coming for my birthday party.

Exercise 15: Using Pronouns

1. I think (he, his, him) is a great teacher.
2. Jason had to get (he, him, himself) ready for school today.
3. That yellow cat over there is (me, mine, my).
4. The snake bit (we, us, our) horse on (it, it’s, its) leg.
5. Joanne and (I, me) don’t want to go to (him, his, he) party.
6. I can’t believe that (you, your) mother doesn’t like (our, ours).
7. John thought that (he, his, him) could do the job by (hisself, himself).
8. The cute boy speaks to (she, her) every morning as (they, them, themselves) walk to school.
9. All of (we, us) boy scouts are going camping this weekend.
10. (She, Her) scolded (she, her) dog for ruining (it, its, it’s) new toy.

Exercise 16: Creating Embedded Questions

1. Who has seen the new vampire movie?
I’d like to know __who has seen the new vampire movie__.
2. How do you do this algebra homework?
Could you tell me __how to do this algebra homework__?
3. Where can I find that new fantasy book?
Tell me __where I can find that new fantasy book__.
4. When will the train arrive?
The travel updates __show when the train will arrive__.
5. Why is Sally crying?
Do you have any idea __why Sally is crying__?

Exercise 17: Creating Tag Questions

1. You’re learning English quickly, __aren’t you__?
2. Tommy is going to the party with us, __isn’t he__?
3. Tom and Andy will be coming to the movies with us, __won’t they__?
4. It’s a great time of the year for a vacation, __isn’t it__?
5. There isn’t any pizza left from last night, __is there__?
6. We’ve already taken that test, __haven’t we__?
7. Yvette is going to Peru this year, __isn’t she__?
8. There’s plenty of room left in the bus, __isn’t there__?
9. They shouldn’t be playing around that area, __should they__?
10. You have been to Washington D.C., __haven’t you__?

Exercise 18: Using Adjectives and Adverbs

1. They sing (good, well). __AV__
2. Ellen’s chocolate cake is (delicious, deliciously). __AJ__
3. The students speak (fluent, fluently) English. __AJ__
4. The students speak English (fluent, fluently). __AV__
5. This is an (awesome, awesomely) painting. __AJ__
6. The lady at the opera sang (beautiful, beautifully). __AV__
7. (Incredible, Incredibly), the baby survived the plane crash. __AV__
8. That is a (considerable, considerably) fee to enter the game. __AJ__
9. The fee is (considerable, considerably) more than I expected. __AV__
10. He needs to swim (fast, fastly) in order to beat the champion. __AV__

Exercise 19: Using Conjunctions in Parallel Structure

1. Sally [highlight]and[/highlight] Randy went to the dance together. ______nouns_________
2. The children played lively [highlight]and[/highlight] energetically. ______adverbs_______
3. Johnny is jumping [highlight]and[/highlight] bouncing on the trampoline. _____ verbs_________
4. Margaret has lost her earrings [highlight]but[/highlight] not her bracelet. ______nouns________
5. That color isn’t really brown, orange, [highlight]or[/highlight] red. ______adjectives_____

Exercise 20: Identifying Prepositions and Objects of Prepositions

1. The dragon blew fire at (P) the knight (OP).
2. Yesterday, I saw Kathy at (P) the store (OP) around (P) the corner (OP).
3. The scared rabbit ran under (P) the porch (OP).
4. In (P) the beginning (OP), John was nervous about (P) the test (OP).
5. The eggs were broken in (P) the carton (OP).
6. Sally hurt her knee on (P) the ice (OP) from (P) the fall (OP).
7. Children love to play in (P) the snow (OP).
8. The band played passionately to (P) the fans (OP) at (P) the stadium (OP).
9. The medics rushed the patient down (P) the hall (OP) into (P) the emergency room (OP).
10. Carla and Amy love to go to (P) the movies (OP) on (P) Saturday night (OP).

Exercise 21: Using Comparisons

1. This bowl of soup is __hotter__ (hot) than the last bowl.
2. She acts __as well as__ (well) as Sandra Bullock.
3. Jerry’s pet is __more exotic__ (exotic) than Sue’s.
4. Your graduation gift is __better__ (good) than mine.
5. My job is __as serious__ (serious) as yours.
6. He was __more determined__ (determined) than Joe to win the race.
7. Charlie has grown __as tall__ (tall) as his brother.
8. She was __as shocked__ (shock) as I to see the test results.
9. Johnny was __more truthful__ (truthful) than before in telling his story.
10. I feel __worse__(bad) today than yesterday.

Exercise 22: Using Comparisons: Than, As, From

1. A cat is much quicker __than__ a mouse.
2. The dolphins swam as fast __as__ our boat.
3. Jennifer was much more certain of the answer __than__ Julie.
4. My twin cousin is indistinguishable __from__ the other.
5. Unmanned rockets can now travel much further __than__ the moon.
6. John’s speech was much different __than__ mine.
7. The ball game continued much longer __than__ expected.
8. Our cheerleaders were as good __as__ theirs.
9. Nathan was stronger __than__ Michael, so he won the match.
10. I think crumpets are much tastier __than__ crepes.

Exercise 23: Avoiding Double Negatives

1. Kathy didn’t do nothing. Kathy didn’t do anything.
2. There isn’t no milk in the refrigerator. There isn’t any milk in the refrigerator. OR There is no milk in the refrigerator.
3. I can’t never understand him. I can’t ever understand him.
4. We couldn’t see nothing at the concert. We couldn’t see anything at the concert
5. They didn’t trust nobody. They didn’t trust anybody.

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This post is a part of [GMAT GRAMMAR BOOK]
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Re: GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises  [#permalink]

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New post 02 Aug 2010, 09:56
Thank you for providing answers to the exercises.
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Re: GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises  [#permalink]

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New post 09 Oct 2010, 09:55
Exercise #18 AJ and AV
#10 should be swim fast instead of swim fastly.
Please check the answer.
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Re: GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises  [#permalink]

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New post 06 Jan 2011, 17:32
Exercise #3: Question 8
8. ___An___ hour ago I saw ___a___ eagle flying overhead.

should be "an" eagle. I checked on m-w and The example is saw is, "You cannot fly like an eagle with the wings of a wren"


Kudos? :-)
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Re: GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises  [#permalink]

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New post 29 Jan 2011, 08:19
Exercise 22 # 6 should be different FROM
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Re: GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises  [#permalink]

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New post 24 Mar 2011, 10:37
where r the answers for exercise 28 and 27?
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Re: GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises  [#permalink]

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New post 03 Apr 2012, 10:39
Shouldn't it be:
___An___ hour ago I saw ___an___ eagle flying overhead
instead of:
___An___ hour ago I saw ___a___ eagle flying overhead
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Re: GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises  [#permalink]

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New post 03 Apr 2012, 10:42
I think it should be:
__A__ chair is ___a___ useful piece of furniture
instead of:
__The__ chair is ___a___ useful piece of furniture
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Re: GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises  [#permalink]

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New post 03 Sep 2012, 07:34
this is really sweet! thank you!!
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Re: GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises  [#permalink]

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New post 18 Feb 2013, 16:33
I agree to divineacclivity. It should be "a" chair, instead of "the" chair. Any guidance/suggestion folks!!!
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Re: GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises  [#permalink]

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New post 18 Nov 2014, 03:52
I was going through the first exercise and question 7.

#Exercise 1

"They ran inside quickly."
Inside Quickly -Modifier ( Where? -Inside, How? -Quickly)

Please correct me if I am wrong.
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New post 17 Feb 2015, 14:38
Exercise 4 :

Isn't also correct to have a secondary answer for some of the questions? Ex:

4. The others, not only "others" (OG)
9. Other ones, others not only "others" (OG)
Other ones, others not only "others" (OG)
10. The other, not only "another" (OG)

Exercise 5: I don't understand why "hardly any" is not possible and "a great deal of" is possible since in the table at page 30 it was exactly the opposite.

Thank you!
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Re: GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises  [#permalink]

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New post 17 Jul 2018, 01:16
How much accurate are all the answers here? Are there any latest changes?
Allora Nanda
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Re: GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises   [#permalink] 17 Jul 2018, 01:16
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GMAT Grammar Book: Answers to Exercises

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