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How to improve GMAT score from 690 (V34, Q49) to 760+

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How to improve GMAT score from 690 (V34, Q49) to 760+  [#permalink]

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New post 12 Aug 2018, 04:33

I have given my GMAT official exam on 3 Aug and scored 690 (V34, Q49) and I am pretty disappointed with my score. I am now planning to go for a re-take and am targeting 760+. I understand that I need to increase my Verbal score to at least 40-42 in order to reach 760+ and need guidance for the same.

I prepared for 3.5 months before my exam and used following resources for studying -
Quant - OG 2018, Jamboree (a local institute) Course material
Verbal - OG 2018, Manhattan SC Guide, PowerScore CR Bible - I read both SC Guide & PowerScore CR once, made my own concise notes, revised them more than 3-4 times and also referred them during practice
I solved 5 GMATPrep tests and my score were in the range of 710-750 (Quant score 50/51, Verbal score between 35-40).

My key challenges in Verbal section are:
i) I miss application of a known issue due to time pressure,
ii) Some times, there are idioms/ word combinations that I haven't seen before,
iii) If sentence is too wordy/ complex, it gets difficult for me to find the mistake in meaning.
I am not sure how to ensure my progress in verbal. So far, I am planning to solve OG again with more emphasis on analysing every question and solve more high level questions with timer available on GMATClub. And keep practicing till I achieve 85-90% accuracy on a consistent basis.

Please suggest how should I focus my study and are there any specific resources that I should use.

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Re: How to improve GMAT score from 690 (V34, Q49) to 760+  [#permalink]

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New post 13 Aug 2018, 06:13
Hi KJ2018,

I am sorry that your scores were not in line with your expectations. However, 690 is a good score and with the right resources and strategy you can improve to your desired score. It is good to see that you have a good understanding of your areas of improvement. Below are my suggestions on how you can tackle them:

    1. Having a defined process to approach questions will ensure that you do not miss out on application of known concepts during the test. Once the process becomes second nature to you, you will not face timing pressure or miss out on application of known concepts. This will automatically ensure higher accuracy. This is the reason why we believe in the 3-step process for SC, Pre-thinking approach for CR, and Reading Strategies for RC. Below are a few students who have found these processes to be of immense value in getting to their target score:
      a. Bhavya improved from a 570(V20) to 730 (V41) in 3 months. Learn how she leveraged “meaning in SC” “Pre-thinking in CR” and “RC reading strategies” to achieve this feat. Click here to watch her interview.
      b. Askul leveraged our "3-step" process in SC" and "Pre-thinking" process in CR to improve from a V17 to V40. Click here to read his de-brief.

    2. It is good to see that you know the importance of understanding the intended meaning to solve Verbal section. Not understanding the intended meaning is a problem faced by many students and so to help them we created a course called Master Comprehension and offer it as a part of our Verbal offerings. You must make sure that you learn how to comprehend the intended meaning of the sentence as the first step to improve in Verbal.

Like I mentioned earlier, 690(V34) is a good score and you must not spend time going through everything all over again. An efficient way to reach your target score would be to work upon the areas/topics in which you are weak. You may follow the below mentioned steps to improve:
    - Take a Verbal Ability Quiz on Scholaranium
    - Identify weaknesses from the skill data section and improve upon them
    - Track improvement and work accordingly

Hope this helps!


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Re: How to improve GMAT score from 690 (V34, Q49) to 760+  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Aug 2018, 08:32
Top Contributor
Your quest from 690 to 760+ is a very familiar journey/story to us at GMAT Pill.

I can see your score is much stronger in quant than it is in verbal. You should focus really heavily on verbal -- to the point that you are dedicating multiple consecutive days to the 3 verbal subsections: sentence correction, critical reasoning, and reading comprehension.

Focus your studying so you can maximize your improvement in one section first. We recommend starting off with SC since sentence structure will impact your ability to comprehend more complex CR an RC passages.


You can see more at - in the "Admissions & Scholarship" tab.

We've had multiple students in your shoes --even high at 690 -- still getting even higher with the GMAT Pill.

Here's another older one with Alex:


Learn more at
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Re: How to improve GMAT score from 690 (V34, Q49) to 760+  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Aug 2018, 22:14
Hey KJ2018

Welcome to GMATClub!

First things first, Congrats on the Q49 and the overall score of 690.
IMO, there is nothing to be disappointed about the score as this score puts you
in a decent place for a lot of B-Schools. Now, coming to the part about the score
improvement, my first step would be to get the ESR. The new improved ESR will
give you detailed information on what your weak areas are?

Once you have a clear idea about the weaknesses, you could focus on improving
the score the few things that trouble you but you would know exactly which topics
need immediate attention. You should read the following post to understand the
right timing strategies ... 06035.html

Work on the GMATPrep questions(which you have already taken) along with the
questions in the OG and do a detailed analysis of both the right and wrong answer
options. Going forward, try and eliminate 4 wrong answer options instead of trying
to find the correct answer option.

Hope this helps you!

You've got what it takes, but it will take everything you've got

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Re: How to improve GMAT score from 690 (V34, Q49) to 760+ &nbs [#permalink] 16 Aug 2018, 22:14
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How to improve GMAT score from 690 (V34, Q49) to 760+

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