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Law grad moving to MBA?

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Joined: 16 Nov 2019
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Law grad moving to MBA?  [#permalink]

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New post Updated on: 21 Nov 2019, 14:16
Hi guys, first-time poster here with a bit of a different question: I am determined to get an MBA a few years down the road, and was wondering what you guys would suggest for my profile going forward to maximise chances. Thanks for taking the time!

Current profile:
* 25 year old European male
* Law degree from Europe
* Masters in law (LL.M.) from tier 1 US law school (think Cornell, Berkeley, NYU)
* 1 year full time work experience as legal analyst in venture capital industry
* Recently passed California bar exam

I am not really looking for a “rate-my-chances” type of evaluation (although please feel free!), but was curious about what career trajectories (eg. continue in law, jump to VC fund, work in consulting etc.) would give me the best shot in front of a top US b-school admissions committee (preferably M7) in about 2-3 years time.

I would love to hear what you guys think. Thanks so much in advance for any feedback or suggestions!

Originally posted by leavingthelaw on 16 Nov 2019, 10:52.
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Re: Law grad moving to MBA?  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Nov 2019, 12:57
Welcome to the club! As someone in the midst of applying to law schools here in the US, I can say that I am little worried to hear that you are jumping ship. That said, to answer your question, it is dependent on what business you want to open. Each scenario painted above can speak to a different trajectory and business. To maximize your story, and you future business prospects, please explain a little bit about what you want to do with your future business.

My recommendation would be to do the thing that builds your business acumen in a way to maximize your foundation. In doing so, you can tell a great story about why you are transitioning and you can leverage your knowledge base better for investment pitches.
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Re: Law grad moving to MBA?  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Nov 2019, 13:23
I have a similar law background, except for the VC part.
The main point here is What is the purpose of the Start-up or the business that you will start at 30?
1. You want to be the number 1 law firm, working in a top law firm will help you understand the intricacies of what goes in building one.
2. You want to go in VC arena because you want to make tonnes of money, you will mint money either ways if you graduate from M7
3. If you are really passionate about working in VC area purely out of passion, then German VC sounds good.
4. Intersection of law and consulting is a good option too. MBB exposure will help you build network and understand the clients businesses in a better way.
5. IMO, Law degree adds competitive advantage in your profile. So, working in that domain will strengthen your foundation. So, do not lose that at any cost. There might be several candidates from MBB or VC domain that may or may not get in.
However, if you stick to your foundation, you might not need an MBA at all. This puts in a position of power, power to choose.
I am not concluding my viewpoints, because understanding what you like in a personal process and only YOU can decide the best.
All the best.

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Re: Law grad moving to MBA?   [#permalink] 16 Nov 2019, 13:23
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Law grad moving to MBA?

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