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My Essays are like Biryani [2019 Edition]

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My Essays are like Biryani [2019 Edition]  [#permalink]

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New post 18 Jul 2019, 07:17
Last week, I came across a very old yet interesting thread called "My Essays are like Biryani" in which applicants were sharing their essay writing experiences and crazy feelings they got while writing earlier essay drafts. It was indeed a humorous and entertaining conversation and I felt that we should have a similar thread for the current applicants to share their feelings, funny experiences they get while writing their essays, and of course any useful advice to other applicants.

Come On! Share any funny experiences to get while writing the essays. (Disclaimer: It doesn't matter which school you are applying. This thread is open for all school essays)

Here are select comments taken from the earlier version of My Essays are like Biriyani. To read the whole discussion, you can go to this link.. ... 49783.html
ncp wrote:
My essays are like Biriyani. If you are Indian, you would know what I mean. When I write my essay drafts, they seem great and I feel like "Ya, HBS has to take me now". Three days later, the essays stink big time. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGH!

bherronp wrote:
I've written drafts of four essays so far. So far 2 are total garbage, 1 is ok, and 1 is actually pretty interesting but about 50% too long. So ya, off to a rough start. I keep having to remind myself just to get my main ideas down right now, and then I will start cleaning them up. Otherwise I just end up deleting what I wrote.

sangoman wrote:
mNeo wrote:
adcxaway wrote:
Today is a day that I will hammer out a first draft of the all important "why MBA- why Now" essay.

I am going the other way. I am first working on some other essays before I jump into the ever so important "Why MBA" one.

I'm going with the Why MBA because I believe it's the core essay that will influence my other essays. How you look at the other essays would be influenced by why you want to do an MBA. To me, the Why MBA is the keystone essay.

aviroop wrote:
I finished one essay - used a phrase from Lao-Tse to make it sound all happening - sent it to one of my post MBA buddies, His response:

1) there is no 'in the professional frontier', (expletive)...'ON the professional frontier'

2) trading division of the investment banking industry ...LOL

3) economic development of south asia ... ROTFL

4) three phones on the NYSE ... Hysterical

5) Lao-Tse....Premature death due to laughter...

His email ended with the following

"hahahahahahaha..ur essay is a wins for 'best comedy routine of the year' especially the lao tse still wiping away tears of mirth....

it has to be TOTALLY reworked...u cn use this as toilet paper....."

Needless to say, I am like a deflated balloon sitting in a corner, no make that, like a plate of biriyani, baking in the sun for the last 3 days.

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Re: My Essays are like Biryani [2019 Edition]  [#permalink]

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New post 18 Jul 2019, 22:57
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Ha ha hysterical!
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Re: My Essays are like Biryani [2019 Edition]   [#permalink] 18 Jul 2019, 22:57
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My Essays are like Biryani [2019 Edition]

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