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Olympics Foods Processing

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Joined: 23 Nov 2018
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Olympics Foods Processing  [#permalink]

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New post 12 Jan 2019, 01:50
Hello, I did my first Analytical writing assessment exercise and I would appreciate if anyone can review it and let me know what he/she thinks.

“Over time, the costs of processing go down because as organizations learn how to do things better, they become
more efficient. In color film processing, for example, the cost of a 3‐by‐5‐inch print fell from 50 cents for fi ve‐day
service in 1970 to 20 cents for one‐day service in 1984. The same principle applies to the processing of food.
And since Olympic Foods will soon celebrate its 25th birthday, we can expect that our long experience will enable
us to minimize costs and thus maximize profits.”

The argument presented in the paragraph of the annual report is built on the learning adaptability principle, where performance increases with time as you learn. The argument is comparing the food processing industry with the color film processing industry. Although different industries, but the concept is the same, that after doing the same thing for long time, you learn how to enhance the performance, and to cut costs without putting your quality at risk.

While this is true, the argument fails to acknowledge three very important points. The first point is that, to be able to enhance the performance and to reduce costs, this requires investment in people in trainings and research. The second point is that, there is a missing technological advancement that supports industries in minimizing costs and maximizing profits. Technological advancements supports industries in finding better techniques, machines and processes to do the same job in lesser time, cost and effort. The third point is that companies learn to do things better with time, which means that after 25 years, Olympics Foods should have already minimized costs and maximized profits.

These points weren’t addressed by the argument. Instead the argument focused on experience and years of service as the main reason that the company will be able to minimize costs and maximize profits. The argument neglected the fact that in the color file processing industries, several technological advancement helped companies like Kodak for example to enhance their cost structure. It also neglected the fact that this kind of technological advancement needs funding for research and investment in their own people.

The argument would have sound better if it was structured on more concrete action steps to reach better efficiency instead of relying on experience only. A sound argument would be like this, “Overtime the costs of processing go down not only because as organizations learn how to do things better, they become more efficient, but also because organizations invest in research and technology to reach this kind of efficiency. In color film processing, the cost and time of service for film processing dropped due to technological advancements from research that enabled them to become more efficient. Our long experience has enabled us to minimize costs and maximize profits, but in order to sustain this achievement, we will need to invest more in research and technology”.
Joined: 14 Jan 2019
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Re: Olympics Foods Processing  [#permalink]

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New post 14 Jan 2019, 14:55
Hi there,

I think you did a good job presenting your argument! You make your three points very clear from the start. I especially liked the last paragraph where you describe how the argument could be improved.

Some friendly suggestions:
- There are several grammatical errors throughout the essay which were a bit distracting IMO. However, this is a relatively easy area to improve in and is not the main focus of the essay rubric, I'm sure.
- If there is time, a concluding paragraph would tie up the argument really nicely.
- Instead of focusing on one flaw of the argument and presenting 3 counterarguments as I believe you did, it may be better to identify 3 different flaws.

Keep up the good work! I actually answered this prompt too and posted here, so I'd appreciate if you could give some feedback for mine as well :)
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Re: Olympics Foods Processing   [#permalink] 14 Jan 2019, 14:55
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Olympics Foods Processing

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