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Right way to answer the essay questions

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Joined: 10 Aug 2019
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Right way to answer the essay questions  [#permalink]

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New post 25 Aug 2019, 20:37
Some people suggest that it is wrong to give money to beggars asking for money on the street, while others think that it is the right thing to do. Which point of view do you think is correct, and why?

The structure that I used to answer this test was:
1. Intro
2. For one hand, some people think that giving money to beggars is good.
3. On the other hand, some people suggest that it is wrong to give money to beggars asking for money
4. In my opinion, I think that it is a good idea to give money to beggars because ...

My main questions are two:
A) Is this the correct way to structure an essay with this kind of questions?
B) If it is possible an opinion about the essay.

There are different opinions about the idea of giving money to beggars in public places. While for some people, this practice should be discouraged, under certain conditions for other people, the idea of giving a coin to beggars could be seen as an act of kindness.

For one hand, everybody could go through difficult times and would be in the necessity of receiving some help to overcome an algid moment. Nobody is exempt from the changing sands of the time, and life could offer unexpected situations. My mother teaches me to avoid the trap of judging people just for one impression and help to anybody because we do not know all the story behind a person. Help without to look who is the person begging for something is sometimes the best idea.

On the other hand, for some people giving money to beggars is something that diminishes to other human beings. Always is preferable to help others through a job instead of charity. There is a well-known story in my hometown about the importance of a job. There was a man who lived in the street; every day he used to clean the entrance of the bakery of the town, for that service the business gave him some money and food. After a couple of months, he started to work for other stores doing the same, so by the end of the year, he was able to change his life leaving the street. Any job is more than a job; it is a way to embellishing a life with dignity.

In my opinion, I believe in helping others in different ways and giving some money to beggars, as avoiding the act of judging them, is the best way to proceed. Nobody could predict the changes in fortunes and be entirely sure about the necessity of request money.
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Joined: 21 Jun 2019
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Location: Canada
Concentration: Finance, Accounting
GMAT 1: 670 Q48 V34
GPA: 3.78
Re: Right way to answer the essay questions  [#permalink]

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New post 26 Aug 2019, 03:49
the structure i use:

1. General Structure
Intro - Restate argument, point out flaws or state intention to discuss them below
1st Para - First,...
2nd Para - Second/In addition,...
3rd Para - Third/Finally,...
Conclusion - The argument is flawed/weak/unconvincing because of the above -mentioned...Ultimately, the argument can be strengthened if/by...

2. Structural Word (should be all over the essays)
1. Supporting examples - for example, to illustrate, for instance, because, specifically
2. Additional support - furthermore, in addition, similarly, just as, also, as a result, moreover
3. Importance - surely, truly, undoubtedly, clearly, in fact, most importantly
4. Contrast - on the contrary, yet, despite, rather, instead, however, although, while
5. Decide against - one cannot deny that, it could be argued that, granted, admittedly
6. Ying-yang - on the one hand/on the other hand
7. Concluding - therefore, in summary, consequently, hence, in conclusion, ultimately, in closing
8. 3. Templates
9. Intro:
The argument claims that ....(restate)
Stated in this way the argument:
a) manipulates facts and conveys a distorted view of the situation
b) reveals examples of leap of faith, poor reasoning and ill-defined terminology
c) fails to mention several key factors, on the basis of which it could be evaluated
The conclusion of the argument relies on assumptions for which there is no clear evidence. Hence, the argument is weak/unconvincing and has several flaws.

1st Para:
First, the argument readily assumes that......
This statement is a stretch....
For example,...
The argument could have been much clearer if it explicitly stated that...

2nd Para:
Second, the argument claims that....
This is again a very weak and unsupported claim as the argument does not demonstrate any correlation between....and...
To illustrate,...
In fact, it is not at all clear...rather....
If the argument had provided evidence that.....then the argument would have been a lot more convincing.

3rd Para:
(pose some questions for the argument).....Without convincing answers to these questions, one is left with the impression that the claim is more of a wishful thinking rather than substantive evidence.

In conclusion, the argument is flawed for the above-mentioned reasons and is therefore unconvincing. It could be considerably strengthened if the author clearly mentioned all the relevant facts....
In order to assess the merits of a certain situation/decision, it is essential to have full knowledge of all contributing factors. In this particular case....
Without this information, the argument remains unsubstantiated and open to debate.
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Re: Right way to answer the essay questions   [#permalink] 26 Aug 2019, 03:49
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Right way to answer the essay questions

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